Wednesday Festival: RevGals Leading the Way

This week I found so many posts about “over and above” leadership roles some of us have taken on. Each has provided, in their reflections, learnings and challenges that can benefit us all. Take a look: In early June, Ashley was the preacher for weeks 1 & 2 of Montreat High School Youth Conferences. Six… Read More

Wednesday Festival: Christmas Past…

This past Sunday night I saw the most interesting approach to the play “A Christmas Carol”! An audience of less than 150 people sat on benches in Ebenezer Scrooge’s office, and watched as live performers combined with puppets (representing all the ghosts and the memories) acted out the wonderful Dickens tale.  My favorite ghost last… Read More

Wednesday Festival: Odes to Joy

I came to this week’s Wednesday Festival in search of joy, and I was not disappointed.  Anita’s post reminds us to “Let your trajectory bring you joy.” Laura wrote about the joy of Sabbath and self-care MaryAnn reflected on embracing whatever brings you joy. April described her firsthand experience of the joy of creative… Read More

Wednesday Festival – A Variety of Attention Grabbers

Six days of blogs from this group is a LOT of reading! I didn’t find any particular theme that popped out at me this week, but the posts below particularly grabbed my attention, and so these are what I have chosen to share with you this week. Some were brand new thoughts and ideas, and… Read More

Wednesday Festival: A Really Tough Week

It’s been a really tough week, and that’s been reflected in the topics of our blogs. The rage and hurt expressed in Baltimore found its way into two blog posts, one offering prayer and another reminding us to listen to the minority voice when we don’t know what to say. The irony of Earth Day… Read More