Sunday Prayer: Woes in the Wilderness

Your people are famished, O God. We are hungry for kindness and compassion. We are starving for thoughtful dialogue. We long for caring interaction. In this wilderness journey called Lent, we are facing the demons inside us, and fearful that we will not be able to stand firm in your Word. Send your Holy Spirit… Read More

Sunday Prayer: following Jesus

Omnipotent God,Your son left Heavenand came to earthto show us what it meansto love.Then he left Nazarethand made his home in Capernaumso that scriptures might be fulfilled.He called his disciplesto leave their netsand follow him,and immediatelythey did.Yet we are reluctant to leave behindold habits,our data,toxic relationships,worn out beliefs.Forgive us, God,Grant us courage to goimmediatelywhere we… Read More