Friday prayer: for all the saints

All Saints’ Day feels particularly personal to me this year, having lost my father just a couple of weeks ago. I am sad that I no longer experience his physical presence, and I celebrate the constant support he gave me, the ways he taught me to work hard and be curious, the delight he showed… Read More

Friday prayer: the witness of Bartimaeus

A relative of mine would yell at referees during basketball games, “You blind Bartimaeus!” This name-calling was, of course, meant as an insult. (It was also problematic in ways I didn’t quite understand as a teenager.) But Bartimaeus was wise. He didn’t have to see Jesus to know who – and what – he was.… Read More

Friday prayer: in the thinness

Thin. (Well, maybe the extreme of thin. Gaunt. Barely existent.) That’s how I’d describe my patience with science-deniers my emotional margin my file of innovative ideas my energy stores my hope that one day Covid will be in the rearview mirror my trust in the intentions of those with the most power to do good… Read More

Friday prayer: God is good

Every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above. Every smile from a stranger kiss from a puppy genuine compliment porch drop-off post-liturgical nap unexpected windfall new understanding belly laugh offer of help to reach something high on a shelf investment by a mentor bit of good news sunshine after a heavy… Read More

Friday prayer: taste and see

I taste the sweetness of ripe watermelon, enjoyed in my backyard the sourness of lemons, squeezed into refreshing beverages the savoriness of bacon, paired with pancakes for a perfect weekend breakfast the saltiness of pretzels, the snack I load up with cheeses and hummus the spiciness of peppers, lending heat to chunky salsa the tanginess… Read More

Friday prayer: your healing presence

Lord, I want to be made well. I want to be healed of my perfectionism my desire to control my internalized prejudices my distrust of those who see things differently my utter exhaustion my anger about petty matters my tendency to withdraw my long-held grudges. I reach for the hem of your garment, and there… Read More