Friday prayer: God around us, God in us

Why are we so slow to recognize you, God? Sure, you come in many guises, but you give us an awful lot of clues. Wherever there is beauty, there you are. However our bodies and souls are nourished, there you are. Whenever there is delight, there you are. Whomever offers us connection and belonging, there… Read More

Friday prayer: a Good word

We call this Friday good. What does “good” even mean? It’s a word so over- and misused as to be almost meaningless. We sometimes say, “Naw, I’m good” even when we’re dying on the inside. We sometimes say, “It’s good” when we really mean it’s barely good enough. We sometimes say, “Ok, good.” when we’re… Read More

The pastor is political: global citizens

I had just started taking a weekly training online when Covid-19 shut down the entire world. It was a small group of people who gathered on Thursdays to learn to mentor coach, and I was the only student born in the United States. My classmates dialed in from China, India, Belgium, and Atlanta, Georgia. As… Read More

Friday prayer: being blessed and being a blessing

God by whom we are renamed and repurposed, you kick us off of our couches, grooved and worn around the shapes of our bodies, and summon us to as-yet unknown destinations. Along the way we’ll fudge and manipulate to get out of scrapes, start to make a home anywhere that looks semi-hospitable, and try to… Read More

Friday prayer: water, water everywhere

Water: the trinitarian substance that contains multitudes As a liquid it cleans, quenches thirst, and bears vessels between land masses It also floods homes and communities, leaving behind physical and financial ruin As a solid it preserves our food, locks toxic gases beneath permafrost, and cools us off in extreme heat It also induces hypothermia,… Read More

Friday prayer: the nights are long

“I’m afraid of the dark” whispered a tender voice beside my groggy head. I followed the voice’s owner down the hall into the room dimly illumined by his nightlight and under his comic book-themed bedsheets. I snuggled him as he vibrated with anxious energy.  It was all I could do as he struggled with his… Read More