Friday prayer: the nights are long

“I’m afraid of the dark” whispered a tender voice beside my groggy head. I followed the voice’s owner down the hall into the room dimly illumined by his nightlight and under his comic book-themed bedsheets. I snuggled him as he vibrated with anxious energy.  It was all I could do as he struggled with his… Read More

Friday prayer: make us faithful stewards

God who extravagantly blesses, you give us much and ask us to be purposeful in how we use it. It’s that time of year when many churches think more intentionally about how to allocate their funds and invite members into the spiritual discipline of giving. There’s extra anxiety around money talk this year, since the… Read More

The pastor is political: choose your own adventure

More often than not, I’ve woken up lately feeling like an elephant was curled up on my chest. Here in the United States we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic that remains relatively unchecked because our leaders lack the political will to make hard choices. Of systemic racism that manifests in new ways… Read More

Friday prayer: communing together

God in all times and places, this weekend is the annual observance of World Communion Sunday. This occasion seems particularly poignant this year. Some clergy and congregations aren’t authorized to celebrate the Lord’s Supper virtually. Many of those that are will do so from separate spaces, given the dangers of the pandemic. And yet, the… Read More