Saturday Prayer, May 1, 2021

Prayer for International Workers Day God, we hear your voice singing …I relieved your shoulder of the burdenand your hands were freed from the basket. On this International Workers Day,we pray for justicefor workers everywhere –a living wage, workplace safeguards,affordable housing, child care,health care rightsun-tied to full-time hours,re-opening plans based in worker safetyrather than customer… Read More

Saturday Prayer, January 16, 2021

( reflecting 1 Samuel 3) God, you who want to wake me,shake me, and just have someone to talk toin the middle of the night, I pray gratitude for the Eli’sin my life, the so-imperfect people,who were poor parents,or poor judges,who made mistake after mistake,avoided naming injustice,missed God-moments in their own lives. Yet they were… Read More

Saturday Prayer, November 28, 2020

(Thanks so much to Scott Marrese-Wheeler for his photograph from Hidden Farm Road outside of McFarland, Wisconsin. He quotes Neena Verma, “Twilight, the only time of the day when the light and dark meet and become one.”) God, it is the twilightof the liturgical seasonsand today my Pentecost is a heap of ashes waiting for a… Read More