The Pastoral is Political: The Ministry of Never Forgetting

Today, April 24, 2017, marks both Holocaust Remembrance Day and the 102nd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. For me, remembering the Armenian Genocide is personal.  My grandfather survived this genocide as a six-year-old.  His harrowing description of the events go beyond what any person should have to observe in their lives – let alone a… Read More

The Pastoral Is Political: Last Christmas

So we light the Christ candle and we take that light into the world, hoping it will shine brighter than before, that nuclear winter will be a fear of the past, and that springtime resurrection will appear for us once again. Read More

Friday Five: Throwback Tunes

Recently, I noticed that Rick Astley, a popular musician from my teen years, is in the process of releasing a new album called 50.  While it’s been many years since he released an album, Astley is getting more attention thanks to social media and the Rick Rolling phenomenon a few years back. Hearing from Rick Astley… Read More

Friday Five- School Days

May marks the end of many academic years. If we are scrolling through our newsfeed, we’ve begun to see photographs of our friends and family members in their caps and gowns. For me, there are days in which I miss taking a class to continue my education, whether the course is in theological studies or… Read More