Sunday Prayer: Cloudy

There are days when I do not mind your mystery, O Holy One,and days when I can even declare it to be the good news. But, oh! What I really want is for your cloudiness to clear,for your words to distill themselves distinctly, simply, for your history to guarantee my future, and for my heartto… Read More

Sunday Prayer: Psalm 130

To you, O God, we hold out our hearts.Deal gently with them, we pray.Increase their love with your forgiveness;soften their bitterness with your peace. Until peace comes,we will wait and watch. To you, O God, we hold out our hungers.Have mercy on them, we pray.Rain down with manna to renew our hope;quench our despair from… Read More

Sunday Prayer: How the Mighty Have Fallen

Your glory, O God, stands triumphantin high places and low,in mountains and valleys,across rivers and oceans that once bled.How the mighty have fallen from their thrones!How the satisfied have been reduced to hunger!How the fortresses have crumbled to piecesbefore the powerful wind of your whisper! Your voice, O God, has heaped hot coalsupon the evil… Read More