RCL: Everyone Loves a Parade

Everyone loves a parade and Sunday’s Revised Common Lectionary readings offer you two. The first parade has Jesus entering into Jerusalem amid joyous celebration and the other a more macabre march to the cross. You can find the Palms here and the Passion here. Our congregation holds several special services during Holy Week so we will… Read More

RCL:In The Dark

Good afternoon fellow Regalblogpals! Today’s lectionary leanings are brought to you by an under the weather pastor and her kitty, Shadow. The verses for Sunday March 12 include a super short passage on Abraham, a Psalm of praise a slightly longer passage about Abraham from Romans and good old Nic from John 3. I am… Read More

RCL: Papa Joe

In this week’s Revised common lectionary readings we get the story of Papa Joe. Joseph is the much overlooked person in the birth story of Christ. I often find myself wondering just how he must have felt about the whole thing. Matthew tells us that he is visited by an angel who tells him not… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: Whose Wife is she Anyway?

Good day my fellow RevGalPals! This weeks revised common lectionary readings can be found here. And what an interesting set of readings they are too! There are quite a variety of texts to choose from and maybe it’s my ADHD kicking in I find myself struggling with what to preach to a congregation here in the states… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: With Gratitude

I recently began bullet journaling. It is a process described in its most basic form by modern creator/guru Ryder Carrol . I have incorporated more artistic ways of keeping track of schedule, time, lists, etc. (more along the line of Boho berry )  One of my favorite things to keep up with is a gratitude… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: Will the real God please stand up?

This is my first week to write the Lectionary Leanings and I am really excited. Or at least I was until I looked at the readings for this week! (You can find this week’s RCL readings here) I am struggling with the juxtaposition between the Old Testament Readings and the New Testament Readings. The God… Read More