Saturday Prayer, November 27th – Preparing

Holy One, for weeks nowthe stores have been hawkingChristmas thingsand the television has been advertisingholiday specialsand persuading children thatthey really really really wantthis, that, or the other People have been bakingand houses are filled withtantalizing smellsWe are buying extra foodto accommodate the appetiteswhich seem to be biggerat the time of the year The argument continuesabout… Read More

Saturday Prayer, November 13th – Memories

Holy One, this is a month of rememberingof thinking about thosewho have gone before usand the paths which they have laid out for us. Sometimes those pathsare easy to followand we go down themwithout thinking aboutwhere they are leading us. But sometimes they are more challengingfilled with obstacleslike fallen branchesand rivers with no bridges. Then… Read More

Saturday Prayer, July 10th, 2021

Even while we are starting to relax the rulesand easing restrictionswe are seeing other placesmoving even deeper into the pandemicand we remind ourselvesthat it is not yet over I am seeing friendsI am worshiping in communityI am watching children playing togetherand I think that it might be overbut then I look at Japanand I think… Read More