Saturday Prayer, July 10th, 2021

Even while we are starting to relax the rulesand easing restrictionswe are seeing other placesmoving even deeper into the pandemicand we remind ourselvesthat it is not yet over I am seeing friendsI am worshiping in communityI am watching children playing togetherand I think that it might be overbut then I look at Japanand I think… Read More

Saturday Prayer, March 27th, 2021

And just like that, Lord,Palm Sunday is arriving again.It’s been a yearSince the last oneAnd we have been inVarying degrees of lockdownFor this whole time There has been no processionInto Jerusalem orAny other placeNo donkeys borrowed for the MasterNo palm branches swayingNo crowds crying their HosannasNo cloaks tossed on the ground But there have been… Read More

Saturday Prayer

Lord, this has been an unusual weekAnd the oddness continuesWith posts vanishing into the etherEven though I know they were writtenAnd Bernie in his mittensAppearing in the strangest placesAnd Twitter and FacebookMaking unexpected changes But through it allOne thing is constantOne thing never changesAnd for that I am gratefulFor your love I am gratefulFor your… Read More