Narrative Lectionary: A Mystery Gift (1 Corinthians 15:1-26, 51-57)

This scripture is particularly poignant in this pandemic time, when we’re confronting death in different, more demanding ways than we usually do.  Some of us are overwhelmed with the number of deaths around us, and have lost people to death much too soon.  All of our lives have changed in response to the lethality of… Read More

Wednesday Prayer

Meanwhile, O God, the usual things keep happening. The woman is still sleeping at the bus stop, the angry partner still raising a violent hand, the exhausted parent still creating a routine for the child with autism.  The man with broken shoes is still lifting the dumpster lid to look for food. the day laborer… Read More

Wednesday Prayer

Healing God, boost our collective immune system, we pray, so that we might fight off thoughtless prejudice, self-centeredness, easy blame, and using old tropes to soothe new fears.  Ramp up our spiritual immunity, and defend us from despair.  Engage our emotional defenses, building strong hearts and healthy minds.  Give us, we ask, antibodies to the… Read More

Narrative Lectionary: Mystery Gifts (Acts 3:1-10)

At the big intersection near my home, four gentlemen have divided up the corners.  In their system, each of them asks for money on only one corner. Three of the four work their corners most days, but even when someone is missing for a day, no one takes over his corner.  Each man works a… Read More