Tuesday Prayer: The Day after (Boxing Day)

Lord, For long lies and pj days, thank you. For full churches over Christmas and small gatherings, thank you. For stuffed bellies and empty chocolate wrappers, thank you. For noisy family filled homes and for quiet, peaceful ones too, thank you. For the Christ Child, for hope, peace, love and joy, thank you. So many… Read More

Pastoral is Political:I’ll make the tea then…

Next week Scotland goes to the polls. We have an election…again. Currently we have a SNP led government in Scotland. The SNP did very well in that last UK elections, sending 56 MPs to Westminster. This was a huge shift from the 6 that were there before. It is anticipated that the SNP will regain… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: ‘If we go, they win’

Recent weeks have seen unspeakable horrors committed against innocents by people, it would seem, with a distorted ideology. First there was the terrible shooting at Mother Emannuel Church, then on Friday a beheading in France, a bomb in Kuwait at a Mosque and the gunning down of tourists on a Tunisian beach.  The beach at… Read More