Friday Festival: All Connected!

This week, reminders that we come from a variety of places and points of view abound in the blog ring. This one cracked me up when it appeared first in my feedly on Thursday: In Tales from the Great Adventure, Derek urges us to stop bashing millennials and help them fix the world instead! No,… Read More

Our Spiritual Disciplines: Walking

Solvitur ambulando.  It is solved by walking. ~ Variously attributed to Diogenes and to Augustine. I was a small child when I absorbed the connection between walking and spirituality.  A short gravel drive connected our house to that of my grandparents’ – my first regular walk, no doubt seemingly a long one for short legs.  Destination?… Read More

Friday Festival: Nevertheless, She Persisted

A number of our bloggers have been focusing on injustices in the church and the world.     In Dirty Sexy Ministry, Laurie places before us an image from the Jackson, Mississippi Woolworth’s lunch counter in 1963 and asks us whether we could persist and could pray in the face of such an evil assault? Now… Read More

Friday Festival Inauguration Edition

I am writing and getting ready to post the night before the Inauguration, having just returned from a sparsely attended prayer vigil to discover that the president-elect thinks that a show of military force, tomorrow and in the future, is a way to impress the world with America’s “greatness.”  I am discouraged and increasingly at a loss… Read More

Friday Festival ~A Week’s Reading Journeys

Friday the 13th?! What are we up to?  Here are seven posts for the next seven days! While interfaith relationships have been an interest of mine since my middle school days, they have recently become a matter of some personal urgency. Jan in achurchforstarving artists suggests a book on Interfaith Leadership from Eboo Patel, and… Read More