The Pastoral is Political: Password protected

The way of the cross was never lonely of contemptuous onlookers or tormenting troublemakers. One of them, a centurion, had his head and heart turned by the faithfulness of Christ, the pierced openness of his heart. Others were astonished by his refusal to remain locked down in the tomb, safe behind the stone, protected by death from all further harm. Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Turn out the lights

Light pollution is one visible symptom of our undoing of the order of Creation. The separation of day and night is countered by round-the-clock activity and artificial illumination. We refuse to submit ourselves to the bounds that God set for us. We have rebelled from the beginning. But this past weekend, for a brief moment, I glimpsed hope. Read More

The Pastoral is Political: #BeatingGuns

The grief that visited that church on the west side of Cleveland in Holy Week, rippling out in concentric circles from the gravesides of the lost, had already found its own transformation into activism, intervention, wrestling a new life out of the death that interrupted families and upended the lives of countless others. Read More