Ask the Matriarch: Providing Congregational Care in a Multi-Staff Setting

This week’s question explores the ministry challenge of how to provide quality congregational care in a multi-staff setting. Dear Matriarchs: I am a Senior Pastor serving with an Associate Pastor, a Minister of Music, a Youth Pastor (seminary student), and a Faith Formation Director (layperson). Providing good care to the congregation is a meaningful part… Read More

Ask The Matriarch: When Their Situation Touches You

Pastors’ work requires our competence and our compassion . We have the professional tools to guide our congregants and congregations through joys, challenges and sorrows. How do we handle ourselves and our role when a death in the congregation finds us dealing with our own feelings? This week’s question: I have to do a funeral… Read More

Ask the Matriarch: “Her Prayer Left Me Speechless”

You know that problem of church members not taking initiative? Today’s ministry challenge is a result of a church member who steps up big time. Read all about it: Tonight our church began the process of selecting an architecture firm for designing our new sanctuary. I had to leave due to sickness. A charter member… Read More

Ask the Matriarch: Pastoral Transition, Grief, and Soul Care

This week’s question is from a pastor in transition from her first call to her new congregation. In the midst of her excitement, she identifies another emotion. How might she address that in her own life and with her new congregation?  Dear Matriarchs- I have accepted a new call and I’m moving across states, time… Read More

Ask the Matriarch: Dealing With Ministry Disappointment

October is “Pastor Appreciation Month.” Surely we Revs don’t do what we do expecting to get goodies or accolades from those we serve, but it feels good when a congregation takes the time to notice and care about our work on their behalf. Taking that word “appreciation” in a little different direction: Can any not-a-Rev… Read More

Ask the Matriarch: Coffee Pot Hospitality

Today we gather around the church coffee pot and ponder with our RevGal colleague: What is the role of fresh brewed coffee in a congregation’s ministry! That is this week’s question: Dear Matriarchs: Here’s what’s going on where I am the pastor: We serve coffee at church. They bought fancy new coffee pots, more than… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Spiritual Beings Having a Political Experience

We were on a road trip, and we started a conversation with the Wendy’s employee who had just taken our order. With no people in line and an almost empty restaurant, she seemed happy to chat with us. “I’m studying to be an LVN,” she enthusiastically proclaimed. A first-career medical technologist myself, I was interested… Read More

Ask the Matriarch: The Pastor’s Role as Supervisor

Let’s consider yet another pastoral professional skill set that likely wasn’t covered in our theological education. This week’s question comes from a Rev who is discovering the joys and challenges of staff supervision. Dear Matriarchs, I am an Episcopal priest about 6 months into my first call as the full-time priest in charge of a… Read More