June Ordiversary Party!

Welcome to a new feature—the Ordiversary Party! I’m not sure when we started using the word “ordiversary” but it feels like a quintessential RevGals word to me. For more than a decade, we have been celebrating women in ministry of all kinds, offering resources and support and building community. What better way than to celebrate… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: powered by YouTube musicals edition

It’s that time again, friends—time to write a sermon! Which also means time to procrastinate in both more and less productive ways. Some of us, I know, procrastinate by doing things like cleaning the house. The sermon may not be done, but the laundry is! Others of us (read: me) procrastinate by following the auto-play… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: still Easter!

As we approach the sixth Sunday of Easter, it can be tricky to convince people we are indeed still celebrating the resurrection. In northern hemisphere churches we are competing with warmer weather and spring activities that may start to pull people away (graduations, exams, sports, three day weekends…). In the Southern Hemisphere days are shortening… Read More

Meet-n-Greet: Effective Preachers Edition

You may have seen that yesterday, Baylor announced a new list of the 12 “most effective” preachers in the English speaking world. You may also have seen that the list included just one woman, and she is indeed amazing but also is no longer a regular preacher. And just three people of colour…who are, again,… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: Sunday comes yet again…

Here we are, and it seems like just a few days after the last time we needed a sermon. The second Sunday of Easter is one of the trickier days in the calendar. The lectionaries bring us Thomas in the gospels (RCL post here, and NL post here)—Thomas, who gets a bad rap, in my… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: from the howling wilderness

Happy weekend, preaching friends! We are at the midpoint of Lent, Sunday-wise…how are you doing? Are you preaching a series you’re still really enjoying, or one that seemed like a good idea at the time? Are you in the wilderness with Moses and the voice on the mountain, or with Jesus flipping tables in a… Read More

The Ministry of RevGalBlogPals: worth every penny

I have been a member of RevGalBlogPals almost since the beginning. From a couple dozen friends reading each other’s blogs, through a centralised website where we shared ideas, to conferences and other continuing education events, to a facebook group of over 5,000…RGBP has been a crucial part of my life for my whole ministry. At… Read More

RevGalBookPals: Original Blessing

“The gospel is not a story of us being separated by sin from God. It’s the story of a God who is so faithfully for us and intent on being with us that God became human to help us embody the wholeness and fullness of life we’ve been made for. It’s not a story of… Read More

meet-n-greet around the world!

One of the enduring features of RevGalBlogPals is that we are a community of writers–whether our blogs are updated once a month or every day, just sermons or knitting patterns or stories of our families or travels…there are over 300 bloggers in this community that originally formed from a handful of blogging friends who’d never… Read More