The Ministry of RevGalBlogPals: worth every penny

I have been a member of RevGalBlogPals almost since the beginning. From a couple dozen friends reading each other’s blogs, through a centralised website where we shared ideas, to conferences and other continuing education events, to a facebook group of over 5,000…RGBP has been a crucial part of my life for my whole ministry. At… Read More

RevGalBookPals: Original Blessing

“The gospel is not a story of us being separated by sin from God. It’s the story of a God who is so faithfully for us and intent on being with us that God became human to help us embody the wholeness and fullness of life we’ve been made for. It’s not a story of… Read More

meet-n-greet around the world!

One of the enduring features of RevGalBlogPals is that we are a community of writers–whether our blogs are updated once a month or every day, just sermons or knitting patterns or stories of our families or travels…there are over 300 bloggers in this community that originally formed from a handful of blogging friends who’d never… Read More

February Meet-n-Greet

We have some amazing new members this month! Definitely update your feedly or your bookmarks, because you’ll want to keep reading. Here they are, in their own words: Alicia at Chasing The Promise: “Working towards living an integrated life means that you’ll see evidence of my passions and my professional life weaved into my postings. I’m… Read More

New members for a new year

As we head into a new year, and anticipate a few changes to the look of our blogging community, it’s also time to welcome some new members! Please pop around the way and visit: Connie is the “founding pastor of Circle of Grace–a nomadic band of Christians who are ecumenical, progressive, radically inclusive, and feminist since… Read More

RevGals Anti-Racism Project: Waking Up White, week 4

“People were good. My family was good. I was good, right?” Here we have the crux of the problem that white people have with racism. We have been taught that racism is bad…but we are not bad people, and the people we know are not bad people, so therefore we cannot be racist. In chapter… Read More

RevGals Anti-Racism Project: Waking Up White, week 1

Waking Up White is the second book in our RevGals anti-racism project. I encourage you to also read the posts and discussion about the first book, Trouble I’ve Seen, though of course it is not a pre-requisite for this book. In fact, Waking Up White is intentionally written for those of us white people who… Read More

October Meet-n-Greet

Today the weather at my house is not sure if it is fall or spring. Perhaps I’m living in solidarity with my southern-hemisphere friends, who are springing as we are autumn-ing! In any case, it’s gray and drizzly out, and that makes it the perfect curl-up-with-tea-and-read-a-new-blog weather. Please join me in welcoming two bloggers to… Read More