Worship Words for civic occasions

Many of us have been asked to pray at a variety of occasions outside our congregations or church buildings — from city council meetings to opening a homeless shelter to community thanksgiving events. As many places have Remembrance-related events this week, as the weather turns in the northern hemisphere and shelters open for the winter,… Read More

Worship Words for 12 September 2021

Somehow it’s the middle of September already! I know in North America this could be a complex weekend, with the anniversary of 9/11, but also many places kicking off the program year / having Rally Day. The Narrative Lectionary begins year 4 this Sunday. In the Southern Hemisphere we have friends whose lockdowns have been… Read More

Ordiversary Party — September!

Happy Ordiversary, September-ordained friends! It’s a time for new beginnings in many northern-hemisphere churches, so what a great time for ordinations. (okay, anytime is a good time for an ordination, and for a party!) We celebrate your ministry, whether it’s been one year or forty since that first step! Today I’m so excited that the… Read More

Worship Words for 22 August

In some places it’s back-to-school time, so we are super grateful today for Jessica Hainley sharing some ideas for back-to-school Sunday! In other places it’s the one millionth week in John 6, or in the story of David, or in the letter to the Ephesians, and Sarah Agnew has you covered! Whether you are having… Read More

Worship Words for 15 August

Invitation TO and BY Wisdom — by Dawn RouckaI’ve been watching hummingbirds all this summer. Birds fascinate me. Sometimes they flock together to the feeder. I have learned that these are the females. Their wings beating furiously and so gracefully. Images of birds invoke the presence of the Holy Spirit for me.In that spirit, I… Read More

Ordiversary Party — Awesome August

The first Friday of the month is a FANTASTIC time for a party. (okay, I’m an Enneagram 7, anytime is a fantastic time for a party. But I especially love a Friday party!) This month we are celebrating those of you ordained in August — happy ordiversary! Longtime RevGal Marci Glass is kicking off the… Read More