11th Hour Preacher Party: Palm/Passion Sunday Edition

Preachers, lace up those running shoes! The liturgical world moves quickly this week, and this Sunday starts the marathon. What is on your schedule? Palms? Passion? Some of both? Our discussions of the Revised Common Lectionary texts and the Narrative Lectionary texts may be helpful. If you’re working ahead, don’t miss this post about Maundy Thursday,… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: Choosing Edition

An inconsequential party game to start off: Would you rather eat Valentine’s conversation hearts or marshmallows?  Would you rather take a 30 minute nap in the morning or just go to bed 30 minutes earlier that night? Would you rather vacuum or dust? As you may surmise, I’m pondering the Deuteronomy passage from the Revised… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: the Home Stretch

Preachers, it’s the home stretch! Fourth Sunday of Advent, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, then we’re finished! Until…you know…the next Sunday. In any case, we are here to party today! Maybe you’re able to work ahead, thanks to a choir cantata or children’s program today. Or maybe you’re working on a sermon for tomorrow. We’re here… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: Gathering Thoughts

What a week it has been, especially for preachers in the United States, but we know that U.S. elections have affected the whole world community. Lectionary preachers, both RCL and Narrative, can find discussions from our site’s Tuesday postings. If you haven’t checked the RevGalBlogPals facebook community, there are several threads where people are working… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: Not Such a Party Edition

Preaching friends, I’m not in much of a partying frame of mind. I know many of you in the U.S. are watching the weather forecast with concern, and I know that many of the rest of us are stunned by the devastation Hurricane Matthew has wrought in Haiti, Cuba, the Bahamas, and now in the… Read More