All Politics are Local

I once knew a little church wherein three prominent members were elected officials: one was the local equivalent of a city councilperson, one was a judge, and one was a school board member. What made this  little church so interesting to me was that it was almost split down the middle politically, in terms of… Read More

Juliana Yakubu, Monica Lewinski, and Me

I resisted the label “feminist” for a very long time. Please hear me out. I was raised by Biblical literalists in a very small rural community.  Lovingly raised by people who were deeply religious and were tireless advocates for children–taking in dozens of foster children(2 or 3 at a time) throughout the years of my… Read More

The Political is Pastoral: When Bad News is No News

It happened again. On Tuesday, a young man from Ohio walked into the Electrical Engineering building on the campus of my alma mater, Purdue University, went to a classroom, and shot the student teaching assistant at point blank range, killing him. He then left the building, and surrendered to police. Now Andrew Boldt, who happens… Read More

Tuesday Lectionary Leanings: Under New Management edition

Friends, This will be my last “at bat” for this feature for a while. I am taking a break from contributing, in order to refresh both myself and the Tuesday lectionary post. The good news is that you will have wonderful new contributors in this space: Listing Straight and LutheranChik, among others who will fill… Read More