Saturday Prayer: Scattered and broken

Oh Holy One, We are broken and scattered. Our hearts are crushed. We see the debris of lives before us, tossed about with indifference and violence. We see the carnage of prejudice and bigotry. We are grieving. We stare at the broken bodies, the tearful families, the aches that cannot be eased, the posturing and… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Frozen heart confession

Holy One, The ice that fell on top of my driveway, just shoveled last night, reminded me… Repentance is an act of daily, even moment-by-moment awareness of the depths or my stubborn nature, and the limitless Grace you offer me. Sometimes I resent this work of persistently seeking you. Sometimes I want my humanity to… Read More

Saturday Prayer: The fields of our hearts

Take fields of our hearts, Lord,The tired, the worn, the fertile and well-used,The tested and tried ones.The fields of our hearts need rest, Lord.They are weary. As we begin the Lenten season,Prepare us.Cultivate our hearts to listen.Help us turn over the old barren places.Soften the hard and rocky edges.Show us the promise of spring, of… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Inauguration Day

Author’s Note: Here in the United States, today is Inauguration Day for our 46th President. My thoughts come from my reflection on my nation’s struggles, but I pray that they speak to yours as well. Today I remembered a Christmas carol we sang just a few weeks ago, “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.”… Read More