Saturday Prayer: The Beauty of Weeds

Creator of all,I thank you for the beauty of your Creation:The mosquitos in my yard,The poison ivy along the fence,The sunlight shining on the weeds in my garden,Yes, even the weeds.Thank you for providing for meIn this green spaceA reminder of your abundant loveThat nurtures the wheat and sifts out the chaff,That teaches me to… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Broken Places

Oh Gd,How broken our world is,How scattered your children,How ignored and abused your Creation… And we say nothing.We do nothing. (Or we make excuses…) Holy One,Creator and Redeemer and Renewer,Bring healing!Bring change!Bring hope!But most of all,Begin with me. Re-form my broken places,Re-fill my empty heart.We are all thirsty for your love,Longing for your grace,And need… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Weathering change

Holy OneWhen I feel cut off,Held back,Ripe for cutting,And limited by my circumstances…May I remember alwaysThat my rootsAre in you,That my harvestIs from you,That you shelter and shade meAnd prepare meFor whatever is next.I feel your presence;I trust your guidance;I bask in your goodnessIn good times and bad.Thank you,Forest Watcher,Heart Lifter,Soul Tender,Mighty Wind,Tree Feller…For Calling… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Testing, Testing, Testing

Testing, Testing, Testing… Lord, we are tired of being tested…The unease and uncertainty…The questions and the waiting…The fears… that creep in…“What if???” And yet…You are there with us,Listening, waiting, praying with us.You hold our questionsAnd allow us to rest.Yes,We know deep rest! Despite the reaching, the yearning,The questions, the doubts…In the midst of unknowing…You are… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Be strong and courageous

“Be strong and courageous,” You say to me.But Holy One,I feel weak and afraid. “Be strong and courageous,” You say to me.But Truth-Giver,I am uncertain what to say. “Be strong and courageous,” You say to me.But Protector,There are people who would devour me, and they seem to be everywhere. “Be strong and courageous,” You say… Read More