11th Hour Preacher Party: Walking Faith

My congregation and I have been working with a group out of Houston, Texas called “Faithwalking.” They have created a leadership formation process that engages principles from Murray Bowen’s Family Systems theory, Ron Heifitz’s leadership ideas, Brene Brown’s teachings on healthy self, and other concepts for living a healthy whole life. What I love about… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party . . . Graduation Edition!

I don’t know about you all, but we are celebrating high school and college graduations on Sunday ~ which will shorten the sermon somewhat.  And guess what I’ve purchased for our graduates?  Copies of MaryAnn McKibben Dana’s God, Improv, and the Art of Living!  Deciding to give a RevGals book was easy ~ which one… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: powered by YouTube musicals edition

It’s that time again, friends—time to write a sermon! Which also means time to procrastinate in both more and less productive ways. Some of us, I know, procrastinate by doing things like cleaning the house. The sermon may not be done, but the laundry is! Others of us (read: me) procrastinate by following the auto-play… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: Mashup Edition

We have an ice cream truck in our neighborhood. Last night, it played the following songs: “You Are My Sunshine,” “Deck the Halls,” “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” along with some others. It was quite the mashup of tunes. And this is quite the mashup of Sundays: Mother’s Day (in the U.S.), some of us will… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: still Easter!

As we approach the sixth Sunday of Easter, it can be tricky to convince people we are indeed still celebrating the resurrection. In northern hemisphere churches we are competing with warmer weather and spring activities that may start to pull people away (graduations, exams, sports, three day weekends…). In the Southern Hemisphere days are shortening… Read More