11th Hour Preacher Party

Grace and Peace to you, Preachers! What’s on your mind today? The Revised Common Lectionary continues its journey through Exodus, Philippians, and Matthew, with an Isaiah alternate reading. Tuesday’s post raises excellent questions for consideration. Narrative Lectionary preachers are considering the icky family system present in I Samuel 3, and the Tuesday NL post addresses… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: World Communion!

Our children baked bread for World Communion Sunday.   I was told the large piece of bread is a giant fish. (?)   Not sure how it will taste, but it will definitely be a source of great interest during the liturgy on Sunday. How are you doing with planning and writing for Sunday?  Are… Read More

11th Hour Preacher’s Party: God always shows up

Come early or late, God is there. However circuitous our route, God is there. Going before us, holding out grace, welcoming us in no matter how we’ve tarried or travelled. God in all our meanderings, embracing us with love. Thanks be to God. Our readings this week in both the Narrative and RCL seem to point us… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: Forgive

When I work with congregations experiencing conflict the Matthew 18 reading is one of the primary lessons we reflect on. Everyone acknowledges both the importance of forgiveness and the challenges of forgiving. One of the key aspects of forgiveness that needs to be upheld is accountability. It is one thing to love as God asks… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: Too Much Edition

It’s the “Too Much” edition of the 11th Hour Preacher Party. Too much to do. Too many tragedies, affecting too many people. It’s all so overwhelming. And yet, we preachers are called to speak a word of comfort and/or challenge into the too-muchness. What’s on your mind for your sermon? RCL preachers have an Exodus,… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party

How is it going? I am currently writing my sermon after a week of vacation. Actually, I’m still on vacation, but writing for Sunday, you know how that goes sometimes. To me this is a very 11th Hour Preacher situation to be in. I am currently looking at the RCL text and thinking of how… Read More

11th Hour Preacher’s Party: Always another way

The story of the Hebrew midwives, Shiphrah and Puah and their subversion is one of my favourite bible stories. A story that is being played out all across the world today, where those who love God are finding ways to resist abuse of power. As ever, our texts speak right into our contemporary world. When we need more… Read More