11th Hour Preacher Party: Holy God, Holy People

It’s not every year that we have a long season after the Epiphany and have the opportunity to preach from the words of Leviticus. Oh Leviticus, so complicated, so misused. I remember one of my classes in seminary divided the class into five groups, each one assigned a book from the Pentateuch. My group got… Read More

Sunday Prayer

Holy One of Sabbath and Struggle, We come before you this morning, mindful of of your presence with us and in us, mindful of the connections we share with whom we worship. You have gifted us with this hour of worship. You have shared your Sabbath rest, pouring it upon our hearts and souls, bathing… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: a rose by another name

Last summer I purchase three rose bushes on clearance, $5 each, and planted them in my backyard. They were very scraggly and I wasn’t sure they’d survive. I was delighted when a few weeks later they not only showed signs of life but began to bloom. This third week of Advent is sometimes known as… Read More

Friday Festival ~ Advent 2

  I pulled up last month’s second Friday Festival and discovered that, while I had posted it the night before, I don’t think that I ever actually saw it.  According to my phone, my step-mother called at about 9:15 am on Friday morning and cried out, “Robin!  Your father is dying!”   She was trying, frantically,… Read More

Wednesday Prayer

It’s a grey sky, leafless kind of day, God… A day for multiple cups of herbal tea trying to warm up and into the moment. A day for mulling, with a crocheted afghan pulled over my lap, wishing I might just close my eyes for a nap or two hour snooze to escape from the… Read More

Friday Festival ~ Election Edition

What a week! I am at home on staycation, dealing with a series of challenges, the outcome of the election being but one.  Wednesday evening I decided that it was time for four days of more or less contemplative silence, and it is from that vantage point that I have prepared this election-focused Festival of… Read More