Friday Festivals: Saints and Others

Friday Festival – March 17, 2017 On St. Patrick’s Day, our bloggers are finding all kinds of saintly behavior – and some sins. At yoga class, Lindsay Hardin Freeman encounters an image of the Samaritan woman who stands up to Jesus, and gets a glimpse of her past and possibly future selves in a feisty… Read More

Friday Festival: The Journey

We often refer to Lent as a journey. Today I’m interested in what our bloggers are saying about some of the twists and turns, the stops and detours, along that journey. Katherine Doyle, writing at Just Katherine, tells of a powerful Good Samaritan experience by a member of her family. Joanna, writing at Spacious Faith,… Read More

Friday Festival: Our Stories

At Tales from the Great Adventure, Blog Pal Derek asks a great question for reflecting on our own lives and for reading one another’s reflections on their lives: “Our lives tell a story; they are a body of work. What story is it that you tell, simply by living?” Mary Beth of Terrapin Station writes… Read More

Friday Festival: Desires

February is the month of longing. In a long winter, we long for sunshine.  In unusual political times, we long for clarity.  Valentine’s Day can leave us longing for love, companionship, or just a really fantastic cupcake.  If we raced straight from Advent to preparations for Lent, we long for quiet, and a moment to… Read More

Friday Festival: Storytelling

The annual RevGalBlogPals’ Big Event (BE 10) has just concluded, with this year’s program on storytelling led by Casey FitzGerald. Sidebar: If you’re a member of RevGalBlogPals and you’ve not yet attended a BE, make a note somewhere on your Summer 2017 calendar with this reminder to yourself: “Register for BE 11!” and plan to attend… Read More

Friday Festival: A Week like No Other

There’s been a lot for our bloggers to reflect on in the past week: the inauguration of Donald Trump, the Women’s March, the barrage of executive orders; accusations of manipulated numbers and alternate facts. Let’s take a quick tour of some thoughts about the week’s events and some ways to keep perspective in a chaotic… Read More

Friday Festival Inauguration Edition

I am writing and getting ready to post the night before the Inauguration, having just returned from a sparsely attended prayer vigil to discover that the president-elect thinks that a show of military force, tomorrow and in the future, is a way to impress the world with America’s “greatness.”  I am discouraged and increasingly at a loss… Read More

Friday Festival ~A Week’s Reading Journeys

Friday the 13th?! What are we up to?  Here are seven posts for the next seven days! While interfaith relationships have been an interest of mine since my middle school days, they have recently become a matter of some personal urgency. Jan in achurchforstarving artists suggests a book on Interfaith Leadership from Eboo Patel, and… Read More

Friday Festival: Wise Women Think about Epiphany

Back when I was sending out Christmas cards (meaning: before I entered the ministry), I would often choose an image of the Wise Men for the cover of my card. There was something about the idea of people leaving everything familiar to travel toward something unknown, having only a distant star to guide them, that… Read More