Friday Festival: Under the Surface

Our bloggers are looking at ordinary encounters from all sides this week, seeing the spiritual layer of things beneath our everyday encounters with people and God. Deb Mechler is reflecting on the power of spiritual direction to shape our view of the world.  Recently certified as a spiritual director herself, she notes the ways that… Read More

Friday Festival: It’s the Little Things… and the Big Things

Some of our bloggers are using “little things” as a springboard for their reflections this week, while others are launching directly into “big things” that speak to us all. “Our dogs say something about us… and how we’ve lived our lives–how we’ve attempted to live our faith.” In Just Katherine, Katherine Doyle thinks about the… Read More

Friday Festival ~ Springtime!

Here in Northeast Ohio, Spring sprang on Thursday, with flowering trees suddenly in bloom all over the place.  It’s beautiful around here, and probably no one wants to stay inside and read.  But in case you’re somewhere rainy or cold, we’ve got some blog posts for you. Here’s an interesting one from Jan Edmiston in… Read More

Friday Festival: Revealing the Hidden

Our bloggers are writing about things unseen this week.  They explore the hidden nature of other people, themselves and their lives.  Also, the thinly veiled beauty of chocolate chip pie. Unconscious contracts are on Mags Blackie’s mind, as she ponders the things she does without thinking deeply about them.  They include “The knee jerk response… Read More