Friday Festival: Advent Thoughts

Our bloggers are delving deeply into Advent’s work.  They’re writing about the bottomless  practice of watching and waiting for God’s presence to be born into the world again. At An Unfinished Symphony, Deb Vaughn invites:  The empty chair at the fireplace edge beckoned welcomed invited me.  “Come and sit” “Come and listen” “Come and just BE” And… Read More

Friday Festival: It’s Been a Week . . .

How to respond?  Four possibilities: Every day – every single day – I wonder about church, the who what where when why and how of church. Laura Marie of Everyday Christianity suggests that we think of church as a verb. Huh. Are we bringing hope?  That’s the question Jan Edmiston asks in achurchforstarvingartists. We are… Read More

Friday Festival: “the Duke’s Mixture”

As I look through the posts that our bloggers have shared during the week, sometimes a theme emerges. This week, not so much. RevGal bloggers and their Pals have their minds on a myriad of things in this last week in October. (Fortunately, no premature Christmas decorations in the posts this week… at least, none… Read More

Friday Festival: Reforming Our Lives

There’s a spirit of renewal in the air for our bloggers.  Some of it is chosen, and other parts are forced.  Some is welcome, other things much less so.  Near the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, our writers are finding all kinds of other reformations in their own lives. Rebecca at Desert Sojourn is… Read More

Friday Festival: Moments Shimmering with Kingdom Love

Waking up to a deep sense of foreboding each morning, and feeling the weight of ministry in the face of world and national events, I find myself seeking out those small experiences of encounter with the holy which give us a glimpse of something beyond the political, the tweeting, the floodwaters, and the bodies lying… Read More

Friday Festival: Connections Made and Broken

Many of our bloggers spent time this week reflecting on the mass shooting in Las Vegas, and pondering the potential for humankind to learn anything at all from this senseless tragedy. There were posts about guns and gun control, about mental illness and unbridled evil, about seeing and stereotyping, on connection and isolation. For today’s… Read More