Friday Festival: Fifty Years and Counting

Sometimes we think of the week after Easter as the time for a large, collective exhale, a time to rest and regroup and retrieve our equilibrium after the intense busy-ness of Lent and Holy Week and Easter. And what have our bloggers been thinking about this week? A number of bloggers, and many more RevGals,… Read More

Friday Festival: Darkness and Light

We’re halfway through Lent, and a number of our bloggers are reflecting on Darkness and Light in various ways. Here’s a sampling of the dozens of new posts in this past week by RevGals and Pals. “Lent is about walking with friends through the darkness and seeing how we are changed.” Marguerite Sheehan thinks about… Read More

Friday Festival: Temptation and More

A stained and battered alb has at Diane Roth at Faith in Community thinking about the temptation to keep our true selves hidden.  A misadventure with a pen and the washing machine left her “new” alb with looking worse than ever.  “I briefly considered wearing the alb anyway, on Ash Wednesday.  If you see it,… Read More

Friday Festival: Anniversaries and Special Days

Several of the bloggers in the RevGalBlogPals community have been reflecting on the passage of time, and the way we mark it with anniversaries and commemorations of special days. Here’s a sampling. In Everyday Thinking, Maria Tafoya thinks about the meaning of the pearls her father had given her mother as a 25th anniversary gift.… Read More

Friday Festival: Gifts in Surprising Places

January is a hard month to love, especially in the Northern United States where I live.  Our friends in the Southern Hemisphere may be loving life these days, but January takes a toll here.  Our bloggers, in different locations, are finding unexpected gifts this week, and they share their discoveries with us. Living up to… Read More