Friday Five – the Times they are a Changing

The Times They Are a Changing This is the season of change; our Facebook feeds are full of pictures from first days at school; and news of exam success and college places for our teens. In our churches the summer season is ending and minds turn to autumn and all the things that will start… Read More

Friday Five: local treasures

I’m staying with some friends after being unexpectedly displaced from a housing situation. All will be well, and in the meantime I am finding some delightful reasons to enjoy my temporary neighborhood. Architectural treasures abound, a new coffee shop is a block away (and latkes are on the menu!), and this sweet lending library is… Read More

Friday Five: celebrations

It’s the time of year when celebrations abound: graduations (the end of that season), weddings, anniversaries, family reunions, and more. I’ve just officiated the blessing of my sister-in-law’s recent marriage, an event that incorporated a variety of celebrations within the celebration. Fun stuff, all around! The season notwithstanding, causes to celebrate can be found in… Read More

Friday Five: Friends

As a Presbyterian Church (USA) minister, one of the vows I took at my ordination read, in part, “Will you be a friend among your colleagues in ministry?” I’ve been reflecting on that lately and thinking about my friendships with colleagues. And I’ve been reflecting on our ministry here at RevGalBlogPals and how much friendship… Read More

Friday Five: Love is love is love

Previously when composing a FF in the wake of a disaster or outrage there has been a tendency to try to find something uplifting, or light, or amusing to break the mood. But this week, I am struggling to do this; so many of my friends have been directly affected; some have decided to leave… Read More

Friday Five: Throwback Tunes

Recently, I noticed that Rick Astley, a popular musician from my teen years, is in the process of releasing a new album called 50.  While it’s been many years since he released an album, Astley is getting more attention thanks to social media and the Rick Rolling phenomenon a few years back. Hearing from Rick Astley… Read More