Friday Five- School Days

May marks the end of many academic years. If we are scrolling through our newsfeed, we’ve begun to see photographs of our friends and family members in their caps and gowns. For me, there are days in which I miss taking a class to continue my education, whether the course is in theological studies or… Read More

Friday Five: the times they are a changin’

My life is overflowing with transitions at this time: losing a beloved family homestead, welcoming a new grandchild, starting a new call next month, packing up our home in anticipating of a move 1000 miles away… Those are the markers that are easy to identify. Inner transitions are taking place, too, which leads me to… Read More

Friday Five: Unexpected Events Edition

I’m filling in for Anne Wolf Fraley today This is a bittersweet post, as this is my last time posting with RevGals. I know this comes as a surprise to many of you, and perhaps there are better ways to share this information, but here we are. The reason I’m leaving is that I’ve accepted… Read More

Friday Five: Sick Edition

At some point over winter or as spring approaches, we find ourselves sick with a cold, upper respiratory infection, influenza, stomach bug or other ailment.  Even though we wash our hands and take our vitamins, our human bodies will pick up germs somewhere along the way.  Or maybe we have a chronic health condition which… Read More