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February Meet-n-Greet


all our new bloggers definitely meet these criteria!

We have some amazing new members this month! Definitely update your feedly or your bookmarks, because you’ll want to keep reading. Here they are, in their own words:

Alicia at Chasing The Promise: “Working towards living an integrated life means that you’ll see evidence of my passions and my professional life weaved into my postings. I’m a faith engaged community organizer, activist, and co-founder of Center for Inclusivity. The same heart that draws me to advocate for justice, equity, and compassion for all people is reflected in this space. I’m also random as hell with a deep appreciation for dark chocolate, sour patch kids, Jesus, and shenanigans.”

Kwame, also known as Trybal Pastor: “Child of Creator; Guided by Ancestors = Revolution; Empowered by Holy Spirit = Transformation; Liberated by the Orishas and the Lwa=Love. #DecolonizeLutheranism”

Allison of A Girl and Her Gluestick: “I come from a family of Ohioans, but grew up in North Carolina (home of the Avett Brothers and Cheerwine and Cookout). I’ve been wandering all over the Southeast ever since. I majored in religion at Furman University, but was definitely not going to seminary and was for sure never going to be a pastor. (Yeah. Okay.) After college, I signed up for the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s Young Adult Volunteer program. The YAV program took me to Nashville and then New Orleans. I’ve also worked at summer camps in both of the Carolinas, Florida, and Georgia.
Now I find myself a seminary graduate and a candidate for ordination in the Presbyterian Church (USA). The Holy Spirit is on the move, and I’m just over here with some magazine scraps trying to make some sense of it all.”

Cheyanne, the Thistlette: “I’m a 23-year-old Christian Feminist and freelance writer with a master’s in TESOL. I have a passion for women’s rights and the church that informs all that I do. I currently live in Shenyang, China with my husband and cat-son.”


Welcome, all!

Do you know a blogger who might be a good addition to our blogging community? Have them email us!


RevGalBlogPals encourages you to share our blog posts via email or social media. We do not grant permission to cut-and-paste prayers and articles without a link back. For permission to use material in paper publications, please email revgalblogpals at gmail dot com.

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New members for a new year

fullsizeoutput_3b41As we head into a new year, and anticipate a few changes to the look of our blogging community, it’s also time to welcome some new members!

Please pop around the way and visit:

Connie is the “founding pastor of Circle of Grace–a nomadic band of Christians who are ecumenical, progressive, radically inclusive, and feminist since 1993.” Her life is the journey of an army brat, divorced single mother, lesbian, activist, mystic.

Michelle at Life In The Labyrinth is “pastor to Withness Community – a new worshipping community passionate about God with us – us with God – us with one another, and also pastor to a “traditional” congregation, Heritage Presbyterian Church. Her passion is to help people find their story in God’s Word – and then to bring God’s Word into conversation with the everyday-nature of their lives.”

Melissa is a Presbyterian pastor in Galveston Island, and has a lovely sermon for New Year’s on her blog right now.

Linda has two blogs–impressive when some of us (read: me) struggle to keep up with one! She is an interfaith minister, writer, and poet, with a ministry both online and in person near her home in the northeast of the USA.


If you know someone who blogs and might want to be a part of RGBP, please have them email us!

RevGalBlogPals encourages you to share our blog posts via email or social media. We do not grant permission to cut-and-paste prayers and articles without a link back. For permission to use material in paper publications, please email revgalblogpals at gmail dot com.



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October Meet-n-Greet

img_4228Today the weather at my house is not sure if it is fall or spring. Perhaps I’m living in solidarity with my southern-hemisphere friends, who are springing as we are autumn-ing! In any case, it’s gray and drizzly out, and that makes it the perfect curl-up-with-tea-and-read-a-new-blog weather. Please join me in welcoming two bloggers to our community–their blogs are beautiful and intense, each in their own way. Pop over and visit, add them to your feed reader, and say hello!

Saint Sinner Seeker: “My name is Deb Mechler. Pastor, disciple of Jesus. Wife, mom, and “oma.” Midwestern roots ground this late bloomer. Philosopher, traveler, art lover, musician. Part of my heart is in Mali, Africa. That about sums me up. Oh, and I love pie. My given name “Deborah” means “seeking one,” or “little bee.” Little did my parents know how descriptive it would turn out to be. It seems I am constantly looking for the good stuff, eager to take it back to the hive so it can be processed and then savored by…well, Pooh, of course, among others.”

Even If The Sky Falls: “The musings, meanderings, and movement of a family serving in mission service with the Presbyterian Church (USA). Our call to international mission service is rooted in our joint family history. I am a Korean-American woman married to a Chilean-French man. My mother and her family were internally displaced refugees on the Korean peninsula, and my husband’s father was a political refugee exiled from Chile. Starting in fall 2015, we began a new appointment as the regional facilitator for addressing migration and human trafficking. Based in the Philippines, we also work throughout Asia. Walk with us, as we walk with individuals and families throughout Asia.”

Welcome, new members! We’re glad you’re here.

If you write or read a blog you think might be a good fit for our community, how about joining (or encouraging the other blogger to join)?

The Rev. Teri Peterson is a Presbyterian pastor in the suburbs of Chicago, where she spends her free time with library books and purring cats competing for her attention. She blogs occasionally at Clever Title Here, is co-author of Who’s Got Time: Spirituality For A Busy Generation, and is a contributor to There’s A Woman In the Pulpit.

RevGalBlogPals encourages you to share our blog posts via email or social media. We do not grant permission to cut-and-paste prayers and articles without a link back. For permission to use material in paper publications, please email revgalblogpals at gmail dot com.


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meet-n-greet…virtual space, real friends

The first Thursday of the month means it’s new member day!

However, today we have instead a new blog from an old member. Anne, formerly of Towanda’s Window, is now blogging at Fierce Rev Remedies. You’ll want to update your feeds and readers, and be sure not to miss any of her beautiful reflections.


two of my three BFFs are at this table, along with a bunch of other people I really love to spend time with! We had the best dinner table at BE9. You can tell.

It has been 11 years now since RGBP was formed, and almost 11 years since I joined. It has always been about creating a supportive network of and for women in ministry. In the beginning we supported each other through comments left on blogs, in threads that went on for dozens or even hundreds of comments. We built community by all blogging in answer to the same questions on the same day in the Friday Five, or by getting “together” while writing sermons, offering feedback and prayer. Now that community is mostly happening on Facebook, and this main website has become mainly about offering resources and amplifying voices, as well as offering us connections to people we may not have known otherwise. That’s where the blog-roll comes in! When we read one another’s writing–whether it’s “just” a reflection on the day, or answers to a silly meme, or a book review, or photos of vacation, or sermons, or whatever we blog about–we get connected to different people called to all different kinds of ministry and living in all different parts of the world.


with Nikki, who I first met through blogging and now we give each other tours of our respective countries. 🙂

We also may make friendships in unexpected online spaces. When RGBP first started, lots of bloggers were anonymous, and the idea of having “friends” who you’d never met was a little sketchy. Now many of us have indeed met in person, thanks to the Big Event, local meet-ups, and other gatherings. And many more of us have not…but that doesn’t make us any less friends!

Some of us have discovered best friends in this blogring. Some have met spouses. Some have become mortal enemies. (okay, probably not, but I was looking for a third thing to round out the rhetoric!) One of my three bestest-friends-in-the-world is someone I met through RevGals I don’t even know how many years ago. We live far apart, and we’ve only spent a few weeks in each other’s physical company, but our friendship is most definitely Real Life. We may have moved from blogging to Facebook to texting, but our shared experience and community and friends in this place remain in the foundation. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have made it the past few years without her, as we text about everything from biblical history questions to doctor waiting rooms to whether adult women should eat macaroni and cheese as their only meal for more than one day in a week.

This is part of why we ask everyone to put our button on your blog. It helps to spread the word that this group exists–supporting women in ministry through every avenue we have thought of so far (community, resources, platform, continuing education, coaching), and many more in the future. It also identifies people who, unbeknownst to you when you click onto a new blog, might become your best friends.

If you’re not a blogger yourself, you can still spread the word by sharing posts on social media, by commenting on posts here, and by praying for us! Invite bloggers and friends you think would enjoy participating in this global community to join by emailing us their blog address and a brief inquiry.

And whether you blog or not, everyone can support RevGalBlogPals and the ministry we carry on around the world by giving a donation to help fund our 1/4-time staff member, our online platforms, and our in-person events.

I promise: however virtual the space, this is real life.


no, YOU’RE bad at selfies! (okay, it’s me who’s terrible at them.) In the shuttle on the way to the ship for BE9! You can tell it’s real–I didn’t even edit the photo to try to make us look more alert or anything.

The Rev. Teri Peterson is a Presbyterian pastor in the suburbs of Chicago, and co-author of Who’s Got Time? Spirituality for a Busy Generation. She’s been blogging at CleverTitleHere since 2002, and was just a few months late in joining to be a founding member of RGBP. She serves on the Board of Trustees of RevGalBlogPals, and was a contributor to the RGBP book There’s A Woman In The Pulpit. Most of her time is spent texting her BFFs, petting her cats, and writing liturgy.


one day you’re blogging…the next day, you’re running a half marathon together. it’s a thing.

RevGalBlogPals encourages you to share our blog posts via email or social media. We do not grant permission to cut-and-paste prayers and articles without a link back. For permission to use material in paper publications, please email revgalblogpals at gmail dot com.

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Midsummer/Midwinter meet-n-greet


Ollie asks me: you know what it says…how about you go do it?

I’m sitting on the patio at Starbucks, it’s 80+ degrees Fahrenheit and 80% humidity. I can’t figure out how to work without having my computer on my lap, but it’s SO HOT when I have it there…

Meanwhile, many of our friends in the Southern hemisphere are freezing, waiting for the sun to come back and the chance to wear something other than wool socks and coats.

And everywhere, we long for the kingdom of God to come rushing in, whether with chilly or humid wind, because the world is in desperate need of saving, our neighbors are dying and our leaders are not helping and and and….

And God asks what we will do?

Part of what we can do is use our voices to speak up, to proclaim good news and to reject bad news. Part of what we can do is use our little corner of the internet to lift up the voices of others. It’s only a small part of our call to participate in God’s great transforming mission, but it’s still a part.

Today, three new blog-ring members who are doing their part to bring words of good news and beauty into a world so often filled with opposing forces. Pop over and say hello, and let’s allow our hospitality to be a sign of God’s new thing bursting forth…and then let’s use our platforms as best we can. 🙂


Cardelia was a ring member long ago, and moved her blog without our noticing. 🙂 She is “a clergymama, with a clergymama! I have three lovely littles and an amazing clergyman husband. I love life in the church, even when I don’t! I knit, crochet, read, write and sew, though none of these as often as I’d like.”

Sue is an author and pastor in New Zealand, where it is the middle of winter…her blog is beautiful and will call out in us the same vulnerability she displays in her writing. Be sure to check it out.

Pat has been part of our RevGal community for so long that the membership committee was surprised to learn she wasn’t a blogging member! Now she’s blogging about being a “Grateful Child of God. Mother, partner, pastor. Lover of Jesus, music, singing, songwriting, film, the ocean, swimming in (almost) any body of water at (almost) any temperature. Favorite gospel: the one I happen to be preaching from. Decidedly left-leaning. Hopefully about engaging in the Big Conversations. Confident the Spirit is moving.”


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Meet-n-Greet: variety is the spice of life…

IMG_4783I don’t know what April has brought for you…but that whole business of “April showers bring May flowers” better be true (I say blithely, as one without many allergies), because we are having all the April showers–of snow, hail, and serious downpours of rain. And also wind, and the occasional sun. While the temperature in Chicagoland fluctuates between 20 and 70 degrees fahrenheit, I suggest taking some time to let your browser explore a similarly wide variety of new blogging friends!


Welcome to Becky Ramseya children’s minister from “deep in the heart of Dixie” who has lived all over, who blogs multiple times a week, who has an amazing sounding family, and who says “Apart from hanging out with my people, some of my favorite things include listening to kids talk, scouring flea markets for junk to put in my house, and spotting faces in everyday things.  I like crepes with Nutella and banana, crossword puzzles on Sunday afternoons, and the sound of a gurgling creek. I can walk for miles and miles and drink exceedingly hot liquids (which has always impressed my children- hey, you claim your talents where you can!) Writing and making things are my favorite ways to pray.”


Welcome to Tabatha of Brewed Faith, who most recently posted a beautiful reflection on women/girls and beauty, inspired by waiting for her daughter at the dance studio. Tabatha is a Disciples pastor in Missouri, and is “co-editor and contributor of “Still a Mother: journeys through perinatal bereavement” published through Judson Press February 2016. Visit to learn more about her book, other authors, and how to tell your own grief story.”


Last but not least, ring-member Traci Smith has moved to a new blog, so be sure to bookmark the new address!


To all bloggers: please remember to add our button (instructions here!) to your blog–it is the primary way we share the good news of RevGalBlogPals.

If this community has been important to you, consider sharing the link with other women and men who need a supportive place and a vast set of resources, and consider giving back a little (either through volunteering or a monetary donation). We are an almost-all-volunteer organization with our Executive Director being just 1/4 time, and we’d love to keep growing this ministry, but we need your support in sharing what we do and giving. Thanks!


RevGalBlogPals encourages you to share our blog posts via email or social media. We do not grant permission to cut-and-paste prayers and articles without a link back. For permission to use material in paper publications, please email revgalblogpals at gmail dot com.

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March Meet-n-Greet

IMG_4783Here in northwest suburban Chicago, March has come in like a lion, with snow and roaring winds and temperatures up and down and all around.

Which makes it the perfect time to settle in to check out some new blog-ring members! Today we have a festival of Lees…or Leighs…




Take a moment of your March, whether it is lion or lamb, and visit:

Lee and Leigh!

Lee is blogging at “Notes from One Lee Botha: theology meets daily grind meets geek meets coffee.” She’s a Presbyterian young adult, seminary graduate, writing beautiful weekly devotions for the season.

Leigh is writing at “Finding A Way,” which began as a Lenten discipline/devotion last year, and this year has blossomed into a multi-seasonal reflection space. She is a pastor in the United Church of Christ.


Welcome to our new Lee/Leighs! We are glad you are here! I look forward to reading your writing in days and months and years to come.

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Meet-n-Greet: new friends for everyone!


my dinner table, full of RevGal friends from around the world, the last night of BE9

Last week I was at the Big Event with 48 of my closest friends…most of whom I met through this amazing blog network. Some are people I met for the first time when I went on BE3, though it felt like I knew them because we’d been reading each others’ blogs for years. (that’s why we’re RevGalBLOGPals…because originally, we were 99% bloggers, though not all Revs and not all Gals!) Some are people I met for the first time when I met them at the Jacksonville airport, but we’d seen each other in the RevGals Facebook Group. After a week sailing (and, if I’m honest, my body still thinks I’m sailing!) the high seas learning about church culture and building friendships you have to see to believe, I am full of joy and hope along with chocolate melting cake.

Which means that when I came home to see these new applicants to our blog ring, I was super excited not to have to wait to introduce them to you! I hope we all become fast friends and see each other in person as well as around the interwebz.

So hop over and offer a warm RGBP welcome to:

Scoop, at Be Thou My Vision, who is “Leslie Scoopmire: Seminarian. Mom. Episcopalian. Teacher. Okie. Christian. Progressive. Reader. Musician. Graduate of the Episcopal School for Ministry of the Diocese of Missouri.”

Kelly Brill who is “tremendously lucky and blessed: to be the Senior Minister of the Avon Lake United Church of Christ, a congregation of lively, caring, faithful and fun people…”a church for people who like to think for themselves”… to be the wife of Doug, the mother of Michael and Anne, the stepmother of Lyndsay, Nick and Brad. A few of my favorite things: coffee, NPR, Scrabble, good conversations over good food, reading, movies, theater, spending time outside in the warm weather, traveling to new places, and anyone or anything that makes me laugh…”

and a strawberry pointe who is “a wife, a mom, a sister, daughter, friend, singer and writer. I work full time and write when I can, parent as gracefully as possible and find endless meaning in my relationships with my family and close friends. Someday I’ll let all of the characters in my head out and write a wonderful novel, for now I write when inspiration knocks. My current publishing credits include: Episcopal Relief & Development Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan Grand Haven Tribune.”

Do you know a blogger who should be part of this amazing community? Have them email us to join! Are you thinking of starting a blog? It’s a great way to get to know people virtually…and who knows, the people who read may one day become your best friends!

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new year, new members!

100_3523Happy New Year! Happy Orthodox Christmas! Happy Epiphany + 1!


We may have opened all the gifts that come wrapped in paper under a tree or in a shoe or stocking…we may have eaten all the goodies and told ourselves we’ll have salad today…but none of that stops us from opening these amazing gifts of goodness in the form of new friends in the blog-ring! This month we welcome two Baptists, which may be a first (all the new members from one denomination!). Spend a few minutes today giving yourself a gift–go say hello and read some beauty from:


Erin “is a teacher, a Baptist minister, a writer, a Mom, a wife, and a beloved daughter. She is and forever will be the boss of her (adult) baby sister and brother. She has been a classroom teacher in rural NC, urban Dallas, and suburban Atlanta. Erin is a daydreamer disguised as a detailed organizer. She is the mom to a busy toddler and wife to the best husband in the world who happens to be a pastor. When she wears her pastor’s wife “hat,” it looks a little different than most.
Like her husband, Erin is also a preacher. She does not sit in the same pew from one Sunday to the next, but has been known to bring all manner of folks into the pew beside her. She is a strong believer that a little dancing in the kitchen can make the world a better place, so Beyonce and Michael Jackson, among others, are regulars in her home. She has very little interest in sports, gossip, reality television, or mean people, but loves to talk about big picture, God-winks-in-the-world kind of stuff.”

Joy is “a hospital chaplain, wife and mother. My ordination is through the American Baptist Churches USA and I hold my chaplain certification through The Association of Professional Chaplains. I am also a published writer, mostly in the area of perinatal grief.” She has been writing about being fully present to her life, and it is a lovely reflection. There’s poetry, pictures, and spiritual practices alongside the “usual” blog reflections.

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Meet-n-Greet: Advent edition

100_3881In this season of waiting, preparation, awe and mystery, light in the darkness, we can all use a few new friends for the journey.

First, a move: Longtime RevGal Karla has moved to a new blog called do. love. walk. Go check out her new internet home!

Today we welcome Kelly, at “The Fourth Commandment”Kelly is a UCC pastor, a wife and mother, and says “a few of my favorite things are coffee, NPR, Scrabble, good conversations over good food, reading, movies, theater, spending time outside in the warm weather, traveling to new places, and anyone or anything that makes me laugh…”

We also say hello to Kathy at kalliopekathryne. Lately she has been blogging through the journey of waiting for a kidney transplant. Be sure to stop by and offer some support in these long waiting days!


Here at the end of the calendar year and the beginning of the liturgical year, I invite you to consider blogging, or re-beginning blogging, as a practice for yourself. Whether serious or silly, personal or professional, blogging is a great way to just get some writing out there without necessarily reaching for perfection every time. And the community of bloggers is great fun! bonus: after three months, you too could be introduced in a meet-n-greet like this one!


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