Meet-n-Greet: new friends for everyone!

Last week I was at the Big Event with 48 of my closest friends…most of whom I met through this amazing blog network. Some are people I met for the first time when I went on BE3, though it felt like I knew them because we’d been reading each others’ blogs for years. (that’s why… Read More

Meet-n-Greet: fall colors edition

The fall colors are nearly gone here, thanks to a week of wind and rain–but there are still some gorgeous bright spots where you can see the progression of the season, even on one branch. It’s almost as if some of these trees and bushes took the fall-back hour and made it a fall-back week….they’re… Read More

A Meet-n-Greet for the best month of the year

It’s October! I love October. In addition to being my birthday (that’s right, I observe my birthday for the entire month, because I love it so much), it’s also clearly the best weather we are likely to have in my area. Cool mornings, low humidity, sunny afternoons, breezy, colors changing, gorgeous sunsets…there’s no other month… Read More

breaking the busy for a new member!

Can you believe it is September already? For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the evenings are suddenly shorter, and the bustle of neighborhoods is increasing as school buses rev up and churches look for ways to re-fill the parking lots. Our local pool is closed now (in spite of the fact that this… Read More

Meet-n-Greet: something old and something new

  ‘Tis the season…nearly halfway through the year, time for weddings and graduations (in the northern hemisphere, anyway), and for transitions of all kinds–including transitions in our blogging community! We have three long-time members who have moved to new digs, with beautiful sites and wonderful writing filling up the spaces now marked by their new names.… Read More