Tuesday Prayer – A Prayer for Anxiety in Times of Hate

God of the Racing Minds and the Calm Hearts- Divine Wonder, how is it that that anxiety continues to overtake us? How is it that so many of us all over this planet are fixated on our own concerns, drowning in their our privileges, forgetting our connection to many others? As my mind jumps from… Read More

Friday Prayer

Holy Provider, Sometimes it is not enough to open a window, When a door has been closed. Some of us have experienced too many closed doors-Closed by the forces that oppose the Divine will of LoveClosed by people with racist, patriarchal, colonist, X-phobic tendencies, Closed by people who are complicit with the above, intentionally and… Read More

Wednesday Prayer

Thank you for the reminders along life’s journey Forgive us for the ones we chose to ignore today May your Holy Spirit continue to disrupt our dreams with images of justice, love and equity and transform our apathy into compassion and kindness and may tomorrow not be too late. Amen. ********* Rev. Dr. Marilyn Pagán-Banks… Read More