Thursday Prayer May 26, 2022 A Blessing for Our Teachers

We need to confess, Holy One, that the world has made profane the sacred calling that is teaching; the sacredness of caring for our children and our futures is dismissed as menial labor, undervalued and sorely underpaid. Redeem us from the world’s thoughtlessness and help us to bless those among us who have answered this… Read More

Monday Prayer May 16, 2022

We are grieving, Holy God, all of the senseless deaths. Over six million from pandemic alone, and countless more from famine and economic struggle. Unexpected ones — preventable ones — from lack of access to healthcare resources, and let’s not forget the toll of war. Because if anything defines “senseless” it is the acts of… Read More

Saturday Prayer, May 14, 2022 (Acts 11: 1-18)

God, I’m getting ready for the children’s sermon,and I’ve collected the “icky” animalsfrom around the house,and I can’t seem to find the insects,(which is what extinction may be all about), but I am going for what “unclean” is,so I need a mosquito with the skunk and shark. And I am going to tell their parents… Read More