Tuesday Prayer – Inhaling Peace

Spirit of Sabbath- I start a new season with deep breath of peace. In my exhale, I’m releasing the complicated air of tension. Each inhale inflates my lungs with hope, and every exhale releases the pressures of this day. Gratitude fills my lungs with joy. Worry leaves my inner being as air rushes from my… Read More

Saturday Prayer, November 20, 2021

A friend I’ve not seen for years, Rev. Felix Carrion, used to have a sermon call-and-response which went …Where are you? Here! “What time is it? Now. November 20 each year is two commemorations: Universal Children’s Day, recommitting to 1959 UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child, and International Transgender Remembrance Day which grieves… Read More

Tuesday Prayer – A Balm of Peace

Spirit of Healing- As stress can elevate our emotions, our bodies take the brunt of life’s intense moments. Our stomachs ache. Our heads throb. Our hearts race. And as we say to ourselves “deep breaths” to calm whatever stress plagues us, our minds can’t get out of the way. Thoughts swirl causing all the physiological… Read More