Wednesday Prayer: New Year’s Resolutions

God of the new, and of this New Year, help me, I ask, as I resolve to bag up my old judgments, my self-doubt and suspicion of others, and put it all out at the curb. May I shed the clutter of worn out ideas, and clean out the corners of my over-full mind. Let… Read More

Tuesday Prayer

God of all times and temperatures- we abide with you in all seasons and weather conditions. But seriously God, does it need to be this cold in the Northwest Hemisphere??? Each move that my muscles make requires more energy than I’m willing to invest. The dropping degrees are nagging at my joints. If I could… Read More

Thursday Prayer: Like Anna and Simeon

Dear God, I have been thinking about Anna and Simeon, about how long they waited, how long they persevered. Give me perseverance. I am not always very good at hoping. I get all superstitious as if the act of hoping will make something less likely to happen (my mother said a watched pot never boils).… Read More

Christmas Eve Prayer

Like the blackbird singing before the dawn, Like the whippoorwill waiting to romance the moon, Like the newborn longing for breath as it crowns, Like the writer trusting the word to arrive, Like the waves rising to the wind’s caress, Like the fig trees casting seed for future fruit, Like the shepherds watching their flocks… Read More

Fourth Sunday of Advent Prayer

Overwhelmed by the shadows of this world, O God Most High, we pause to remember and be centered within your power that overshadows all fears and iniquities. In your mercy, incline your heart to our prayer. Your steadfast love is established forever: without fanfare or pride, yet omnipresent and glorious. We magnify you, by whom… Read More