Friday Prayer

bent but not broken wounded yet still breathing bravely refusing to silently disappear this is how I have been of late, God i am grateful. my gratitude does not wipe away my rage but does allow me to move, and, act, and show-up, in ways where rage doesn’t take over… it just glides off me… Read More

Saturday Prayer, July 2, 2022

I was watching some children prepare their bicycles and tricycles to be part of a 4th of July parade and because I love all things bicycle, this rolled out. Thanks …God, for wheels bringing usinto creation’s beauty,we give thanks.For leaving a small carbon wheel-tread,we give thanks.For places in the world where bikesare favored transportationand give… Read More

Sunday Prayer

God, build us into your house, a house of living stones built on the rock. Enable us to live as your exiles, resident aliens in a foreign land. All of us belonging to you. No one missing. No one forgotten. Knowing you have your eye on us. Knowing that you are good. In but not… Read More