Saturday Prayer – Prayer for parents of young adults

  “There they go, God.” I think they are still mine. I want to call after them, “Wait! There are so many things I forgot to warn you about! You know you can always come back, right?” But the words catch in my throat. They can’t hear me, anyway.  The future is roaring in their… Read More

Tuesday Prayer

God of all seasons, we continuously arrive at times of both hellos and goodbyes. Some periods are full of hellos and building acquaintances. Strangers become friends, and the unfamiliar becomes intimate. And every so often we enter a season of goodbyes. Like a blizzard which chills us, the flurry of farewells freezes our hearts. For… Read More

Monday Prayer

Holy One Precious gifts come from unexpected places People. Chance meetings. Events. Snatched conversations. May we be ever thankful – knowing that in every conversation, every encounter, every snatched moment. You are. Blessing us, with blessings upon blessings. Reaching us, with paths that cross unexpectedly. Touching us – with words and gestures of kindness and… Read More

Sunday Prayer

(from Psalm 29) Holy Splendour, Your voice! Your voice hovers over mighty waters, full of power. Your voice breaks the strongest cedars Your voice flashes forth flames of fire, shaking the wilderness, causing oaks to whirl stripping us bare to the essence of our being. Glory! How is it that we can not hear the… Read More