Ask the Matriarch: What Do I Do with this Gut-Punching Truth?

This week’s question comes directly from a pastor’s big heart. Our Matriarchs support her to work through her feelings of pain and confusion, a result of seeking to care for someone who trusts her as he faces the consequences of his what he did.  Dear Matriarchs: I have a parishioner from a church I served.… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: Unexpected Points of Connection

On this Sunday in which the northern hemisphere is in deep summer, images of new life and growth show up in our lectionary offerings. In our journey through Genesis, Jacob is on a road trip, fleeing the furious twin from whom he finagled a birthright and stole a blessing. With a stone for a pillow,… Read More

Saturday Prayer

We are starting to reopen slowly in Québec after months of isolation and lockdown. I am now able to visit people in long-term care residences, but under very strict protocols. In the time BP (before pandemic), we held a weekly worship service in one of the residences on Wednesdays, but that hasn’t happened since March.… Read More

Tuesday Prayer: Unite us in prayer…

Written: “to unite us in common prayer and revive us for common mission” during this crisis. In the spirit of Pentecost, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and his Lutheran counterpart, Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, invite congregations to pray this from Pentecost through the first Sunday in September. In addition to expressing a shared desire for renewal… Read More