Tuesday Prayer

God who created the expanding universe and designed each atom which dances in our world- let’s talk about anxiety for a minute. Why is it that my mind churns night and day wondering and worrying? Why is my heart racing, and why do I feel overwhelming nausea? Why do I feel like I can’t move… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: Fishy Edition

Oh, Jonah. That poor prophet who achieved exactly the result he was called upon to do, and felt betrayed to the point of wanting to die because of it. Though, of course, we don’t get the whole story in today’s pericope. Today we just hear God’s call to Jonah (the second time, after all that… Read More

Narrative Lectionary: Table Tipping (John 2:13-25)

“Well, Jesus got angry,” we hear people of faith explain, giving ourselves the right to be mad, too.  It can be directed at the person who made us late for an event to the ugliness of human trafficking, or anything and everything in between.  Our anger can be a slow burn or a hot flash. … Read More

Monday Prayer

A prayer for today, adapted from Dr. King’s “Letter from Birmingham City Jail” Holy God, we stand before you in repentance and prayer. We know from experience that freedom is never free. Throughout history, the struggle for freedom has not been well-timed. More often than not, those who strive hear the response, “Wait!” It is… Read More

Sunday Prayer

Holy One, of Invitation, O God who calls us by name, We come before you this morning in awe, trying to comprehend that You know us. You know everything about us, the ways in which we shine, the infinite possibilities on how we can be all we have been created to be. You know everything… Read More

Preacher Party: Heatwave Edition

  image from weather.com for Albany Ok, its 55-60 degrees up here in Albany NY, and after -10/15 windchills, we are enjoying are heatwave up here. That means lots of time out and about, after weeks of hibernating, and getting some energy out. Unfortunately, this means there are still sermons to be written! (Plus there’s… Read More

Ask the Matriarch: On-going Care in our Congregations

Are you making congregational plans for 2018? Today’s question comes from a pastor who wonders about a particular kind of planning for congregational life: Dear Matriarchs: Do any of you have a standard pastoral care plan or practice you use for grieving families or others going through a situation with ongoing pastoral needs? We have… Read More