Tuesday Prayer

Holy Comforter- Anxiety has been raging in our spirits. Injustice after injustice and times of chaos and worry wear on our souls. We seek a respite for the overwhelming anxiety within us. And as we take a breath, inhaling your Spirit, we find the oasis in our concern. Our shoulders release. Our selves sink into… Read More

Friday Prayer (after a long week)

Source of Life,Creative Force,Bearer of BurdensWho longs to gather us under your strong, feathery wings:We are tired of being the parent, the pastor,The figure-outer, the fixer.We grow weary of the weight we carry.We are exhausted from being the one in charge.Except, of course, we’re not in charge,Because if we were, things would not be such… Read More

Monday Prayer – At Emmaus

God of the lakeshore — feed us. God of the doubters — reassure us. God of the road home — reveal yourself to us. God of the Spirit unleashed — advocate for us. And God of the empty tomb — remind us that since the beginning you have called the women, the broken, the disenfranchised… Read More

Thursday Prayer: The Lord is my grandmother

Grandma, great and mighty God…                                                                                     you take care of me and everything I need. You make me rest in the cool, green grass                                                                            because grass is good for my eyes, and good for my soul. You take me where the water is still and quiet,                                                        where the waters soak up the chaos of… Read More