Tuesday Prayer

Spirit of Warmth, As chills reign in the hearts of many,we reach for our spiritual blankets to remove the frigidness surrounding us. Oh how so many words and images and actionshave built a wall of ice between us and our neighbors! Yet there is no ice that you, God, can’t melt.For you are our Great… Read More

Worship Words-January 17, 2021

What a time to be planning worship! May God grant you words and actions to both express/name what is and to call/proclaim what God wills to be. Feel free to use/read/adapt with credit to the listed author and revgalblogpals.org 1A.Opening Prayer by Barb Hedges-Goettl (GATE-L) O God, in this time of change and challenge, we… Read More

RCL for Jan. 3, 2021. Why Is He Here?

Why is he here? And so it began—the long human wondering, imagining, arguing, asserting, interpreting, deciding, proclaiming, expanding, emphasizing, controlling, re-ordering, etc. of reasons for Immanuel, God with us. Yes, there was wondering before it happened. It was a particular responsibility, rich with meaning and a belonging held in trust by some and not others.… Read More