Wednesday Prayer – Exhaustion

Holy Spirit, Holy Energy, As the week lengthens and our stamina wanes,we seek the extra strength that will sustain our souls.From bulletins to PowerPoints, we are glued to computersas we perfect the tools of our worship. But you are not calling us to perfection.You afforded us human energy and minds,Not super-computers or brains of perfection.… Read More

Update on Sacred Pause

Greetings from the Board of Trustees of RevGalBlogPals, Inc. We want to update you on our status as the Sacred Pause has ended.First, thank you all for your support as we took this time away from our standard practices of writing, administering, and managing our website and Facebook page. The intent of the Pause was… Read More

Monday Prayer + Can I Ask You Something?

From the bathtub, an eight-year-old voice can be heard. “Mom?”“Mom!”“Mommy!”“PASTOR HEIDI!”“Yes, what is it?”“Can you hear me?”“Yes, what do you need?”“Can I ask you a favor?”“Yes, what is it that you want?”“Can you get me a towel?” It’s been twenty years, but I still remember the effort it took for my daughter to get my… Read More