Saturday Prayer: Wonder

I wonder at You: beautiful isn’t the half of it, breathtaking only begins to describe Your eternal creativity for life, Your unrestrained joy in love, Your rapturous passion for flora & fauna, galaxies & mysteries, molecules & magnitudes, and humanities. God! Holiest of the holies, I wonder at You. Rachel G. Hackenberg is a United Church of Christ minister,… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Just Say No

Dear sweet baby Jesus, I am a child of the 1980’s and with that came Nancy Reagan and the first lady’s campaign of “Just Say NO” this was about the “war on drugs” of course, which caused more hard than good, but for millions of elementary school students we learned to deflect peer pressure and… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Waiting for Love

Love came down to rescue me, love came down to set me free. Love, it’s a simple word isn’t? Just four letters, such a small word for such a big purpose. You are the incarnation of Love, sweet baby Jesus. You are God incarnate. God, who is the embodiment of love, and all things that… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Need a Little Christmas

It’s decoration day, O God. The day I pull out the red and green boxes of decorations passed down from generations. I unwrap each one with care, I admire it, and place it somewhere safe in my house. I hang twinkle lights that remind me of light in the darkness (or so I tell myself)… Read More

Saturday Prayer – New Year’s Eve

Holy One, There are many ways to count time, but for us today is New Year’s Eve.  Tomorrow, preachers will proclaim to many different congregations in many different places that it s a day to begin anew. As we turn to a new year, the beginning of Advent, we preachers read and think and study and… Read More

Saturday Prayer -Simple

In complicated times, Holy Friend, remind us of Your simplicity. “You are the light of the world.” “Do not be afraid.” “Love one another.” “Come out.” “I will be with you.” Amen. Jennifer Garrison Brownell serves as designated term pastor at First Congregational Church -UCC in Vancouver, Washington.  She contributed to the Revgals book There’s a Woman… Read More

Saturday Prayer – Angels Watching Over

Dear One, Watch over us tenderly, today more than ever.  We are bruised and raw, angry and fearful.  Send angels to remind us that you are steadfast, gentle, fierce and beautiful. And help us to see that you made us steadfast and gentle and fierce and beautiful too.  Every single one of us. Amen. Jennifer… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Giggly Girls

For giggly girls at a slumber party. We Give Thanks To The Lord. For the innocents of young age, before boobs and boys, before objectivity. We Give Thanks To The Lord. For the opportunity to dance without judgement, where ‘girly’ can mean whatever they want. We Give Thanks To The Lord. Where no boys allowed… Read More