Friday Festival: August Potpourri

Well, it’s August, and the eclipse is coming, along with the end of summer rush to get away and to prepare for fall beginnings.  August always feels like such a random month to me and so . . . a random potpourri of posts:​ Knowing that “good people can be clueless,” Jan in achurchforstarvingartists writes… Read More

Friday Festival: In the Wee Small Hours

Still Friday for some of us, already Saturday for others. Around the world, RevGalBlogPals write and read and blog and work at all hours — within our own timezones and ’round the clock collectively. Today’s Friday Festival is a collection of the sorts of thoughts that keep us up at night, distract us at dawn’s… Read More

All. The. Changes. – Last Wednesday Festival – at least for now

Good Morning Friends! We are making a change on the blog  *drum roll please* The Wednesday Festival is moving to Friday! Thanks be to God that there are no book boxes to tote around. In case you play along at home and are wondering, the Friday Five will become a Facebook event every Friday, but… Read More

Wednesday Festival: End-of-July Edition

  This is the last Wednesday Festival in July. We are witnessing the distillation process of the political parties in the United States, as well as the waning of summer vacation. A few places that have year-round school have just begun again. In Texas, band members and football players will report for practices starting next… Read More

Wednesday Festival: more challenges, more grace.

  It has been another rough week in the world.  Violence, terrorism, political unrest.  Hunger, disease, suffering. Situations in the world, in our nations, our denominations, our homes, our own bodies… And still we testify to the One who is gracious and merciful; longing for the day when justice and mercy kiss, and peace is… Read More

It’s Wednesday, and We Have Been Weeping

I’ve been visiting the blog ring in search of posts connected to the events of the past week, posts other than the many sermons shared on the Facebook page.  And here are what I’ve found: We all need places in which we can grab hold of something tangible and growing during these times of turmoil.… Read More

Wednesday Festival – Summertime?

It’s the first Wednesday Festival in July. Game of Thrones is on a break & I am caught up on House of Cards with only two episodes of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt left to watch. Our family has already completed our Fantastic Summer Vacation. All we have now is the heat of a Texas summer… Read More