Wednesday Festival: RevGals Leading the Way

This week I found so many posts about “over and above” leadership roles some of us have taken on. Each has provided, in their reflections, learnings and challenges that can benefit us all. Take a look: In early June, Ashley was the preacher for weeks 1 & 2 of Montreat High School Youth Conferences. Six… Read More

Wednesday Festival: Dusk & Dawn

As some of us are welcoming the dusk of Wednesday, others of us in the RevGalBlogPals community are already greeting the dawn of Thursday. Whatever the time and season in our own lives and geography, it is grounding (to me at least) to be reminded by friends & colleagues that many times and many seasons unfold simultaneously — within… Read More

Wednesday Festival: writing about the Pulse shooting in Orlando

RevGals and Pals are praying and writing about the mass-shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando on Sunday.  It was Latin night at the gay club, in Pride month.  Fifty people are dead. The Orlando Sentinel has profiles of the 49 people who were shot. If you are wondering how to preach in the aftermath of… Read More

A Summer Wednesday Festival!

Last week it was Istanbul and Scotland.  This week it’s Rome and Winnipeg.  Those are the places my family and friends have gone.  I myself have made it as far as Cincinnati, where my dad had a major heart procedure, and where I discovered this Woman and Water bronze fountain sculpture by Matt Kotlkarczyk on… Read More

Wednesday Festival: Try A Little Tenderness

“Love like your life depends on it, because it does.” ~Michael Franti, “Speaking of Tongues” (Stay Human 2001) Tenderness is needed these days, tenderness and grace, tenderness and grace and a whole lotta love — the “I see you” love of friends, the wild love of newlyweds, the struggling love of self-acceptance, the rooted love… Read More

Wednesday Festival: ordination vows

In the tradition I’m part of, the days between Pentecost and Trinity Sunday are Ember Days – days when we pray for the Ministry of the Church and Ordinands.  In some places it is also the custom to write a letter to your Bishop, reflecting on ministry. As I have read around the RevGal Blog… Read More