Exploring Fears – Wednesday Festival

Fear shows up in many ways with many different faces and some of those ways have been written about this week: Kathy quotes Bishop Steven Charleston, one of my favorite daily devotional writers, “No, fear and hate will never have the last word. Love will.” Susanna writes about her planner and her fear of unpreparedness… Read More

In the Midst of March Madness

Searching for some Soul Sustenance? Here it is – writers pointing us to Life in the midst of our Madness. Take a break, take a deep breath, savor something, and go read some really good RevGal writing:  This – by Julia.  “I am not ready to hear the cries of ‘Crucify him’ and to see… Read More

Wednesday Festival – Looking for Hope

The first Wednesday Festival of March is short – mostly because I am writing this as I watch the results of Super Tuesday in the United States, specifically in Texas. In the midst of the crazy political events, I went looking through the blogs for real – real hope, real joy, real inspiration. Here are… Read More

Wednesday Festival: Lenten Living

From our RevGalBlogPals’ webring, here are a few field notes and love letters and encouragements being shared about this year’s Lenten journey: + “Be still. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands.” An Unfinished Symphony (quoting Linda Hogan’s Dwellings) remembers the faith and love of previous generations through the unique design of… Read More

Wednesday Festival: leading well.

I spent this afternoon working with a group of recently ordained women and men as we considered what authenticity looks like in ministry and how we sustain our good health.  This week a number of RevGals’ blogs are talking about leadership and sustainability. Lisa Lewis wrote an article about this here on Monday.  If you… Read More

Wednesday Festival: Ash Wednesday

“Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return. Repent and believe the Gospel.”  These words, or words like them, will be spoken in many places around the world as Ash Wednesday arrives in our respective time zones.  Around the RevGals ring, we are writing about Lenten practices, about these words and our mortality,… Read More

Wednesday Festival

There was a common them of different sorts of passages this week: some are new and exciting, some are cyclical, some are still being pondered. These reflections on the RevGalBlogPal ring are just a sampling of the excellent writing. Please go explore and find some new friends in the ring! “These stories seem inconsequential…That is,… Read More