The mission of RevGalBlogPals, Inc. is to support and encourage women in ministry. Our education events are designed for clergywomen, as well as women engaged in other ministry work, from all denominations and age groups. Read more about RevGalBlogPals here.

Big Event 2020: From Vision to Action

Join RevGalBlogPals January 27-31, 2020, at the Franciscan Center in Tampa, Florida, for Big Event 2020: From Vision to Action.

Click here to register.

Three outstanding clergywomen will share their stories and help participants explore how a vision for ministry becomes action in the world. Our week will include worship, plenary sessions, breakout and affinity groups; options for yoga, coaching, and spiritual direction; free time, social activities, and more.

Our keynote speakers are Rev. Naomi Washington-Leapheart, Faith Work Director, National LGBTQ Task Force; Rev. Erin Counihan, Pastor, Oak Hill Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, Missouri; and Rev. Hannah Adair Bonner, Director, Frontera Wesley, the Wesley Foundation of Tucson. Our worship leader is Rev Shaun Whitehead, Associate Chaplain, St. Lawrence University.

Click here for details about the program and to read more about our speakers and leaders.

REVive Iona  – April 18-25, 2020 – Renewal on the Edge: Being Church in a Liminal Time

In this post-Christendom era, how might we be church, discovering anew God’s purpose for our communities and our calling to be part of God’s mission in the world? History demonstrates that Renewal in the church often comes from the edges, from movements springing up on the periphery of institutions. You are invited to participate in a time of discernment, learning and renewal on the beautiful island of Iona, from where, in the 6th century, St Columba banished women for fear they would make mischief. Come and make mischief with us!

While this event is full as of September, 2019, we hope you will check back for future continuing education opportunities created by RevGalBlogPals.

23 women gathered for the first REVive Iona in May, 2017.

Founded in 2005, RevGalBlogPals creates support, resources and community for clergywomen and other women in ministry via our website, Facebook group and Continuing Education events. We are international and broadly ecumenical, committed to the work of anti-racism, and open to and affirming of LGBTQIA+ people.

13 thoughts on “Continuing Education

    1. Hi, Hope~
      Our events are indeed open to clergywomen outside our ring. Unfortunately we did not meet our minimum for REVive. Thanks for the reminder to update this page!
      Martha Spong, Director of RevGalBlogPals


        1. REVive in Cleveland was cancelled, yes, as stated in my previous comment. We are focusing our energy on the upcoming Big Event 9.0 in January, 2016. Big Event 10 is scheduled tentatively for February 2017, with information to be posted on our website in spring, 2016.


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