We facilitate a number of groups on Facebook, intended for the building of community and the sharing of resources. Most of these groups are “closed,” meaning that while membership lists are public, the posted conversations are not. Some of these groups are “secret,” which means they are not searchable and we cannot link to them here. To inquire about a secret group, please email revgalblogpals@gmail.com or message Martha Spong, Executive Director, on Facebook.

“Closed” Groups:

  • Our general group – Membership in this group is open to clergywomen, women religious, and women in discernment. It also open to non-female clergy and to laypeople involved in other aspects of our ministry, as long as they are supportive of women in ordained ministry.
  • RevGalBlogPals Clergywomen of Color – for the mutual support of Women of Color who are in ministry of all kinds.
  • RevGals in Interim Ministry – for members of the larger RevGals community who are serving in intentional interim, transitional or redevelopment ministry.
  • RevGals Serving as Associate Pastors – for the support and enrichment of RevGals currently working in staff positions (Associate, Assistant, etc.) in churches.
  • RevGals in Greater Chicago Area – a regional group for RevGals in the greater Chicago area.
  • RevGals Beyond and Between – for clergywomen who are between calls, or who have found a new career beyond local church ministry. Bivocational pastors are also welcome!
  • RevGal Chaplains – for members of the larger RevGals community who are serving in any type of chaplaincy.
  • RevGals Rainbow – a support group for RevGalBlogPals who are LGBTQ+, or who have family or friends who are LGBTQ+.
  • RevGals with Disabilities – for clergywomen living with disabilities.
  • RevGals in Clergy Couples – for clergywomen married to or coupled with other clergy.
  • RevGalBlogPals: Moms of Many – for clergywomen who are moms of four or more children.
  • RevGals with Young Children – for clergywomen who are parenting young children: infants/toddlers/preschoolers.

Secret groups:

  • RevGals on the Rocks – divorce support for clergywomen who are members of RevGalBlogPals.
  • RevGals One Day at a Time – a confidential space for our members who are part of a 12-Step program.