Narrative Lectionary Summer Series: Letter-Writing Occasions (2 Corinthians)

By Rev. Lia Scholl and Rev. Stephanie Anthony Overview   Books of the Bible rarely get much attention, but things were different when Second Corinthians was quoted by Donald Trump, back in January 2016. It made the news because Trump mistakenly called it “Two Corinthians.” He used it in a speech at Liberty University, quoting… Read More

Narrative Lectionary: Summer Series Debut

For the next three weeks, we will be debuting our Narrative Lectionary Summer Series, and we’re doing it Netflix-style. You can find all the texts for the whole series covered in one post. We begin this week with 2 Corinthians. RevGalBlogPals contributors Stephanie Anthony and Lia Scholl start us off with an overview of the epistle… Read More