Wednesday Prayer

Mighty God, we understand Advent…but Christmas? Can we turn from Advent to Christmas, when the time comes?  Is there still joy, with millions dead around the world?  Do we deserve peace, with fire weaponized again against Black people?  How can we hope, with millions hungry?  Advent matches our longing for your presence…a big helping this… Read More

The Pastoral Is Political: playground politics

In this Advent season of waiting, preparation and anticipation, the world has waited in eager anticipation for a cure, or at least a vaccine for Covid-19. It has taken global efforts and the co-operation of scientists to produce a vaccine. In the last week, people in the UK have received the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. This should… Read More

Thursday Prayer: Hope

Every daywe move the solstice sunone day along our Advent spiraland this weekwe name our hopes. We hope for reform of the welfare system,for an end to cisheteropatriarchy,for the smashing of white supremacyand other, smaller hopes:for a good writing day,for peaceful sleep,for a friend to be comforted,and so we pray. God, our hopes are wildand… Read More