The Pastoral is Political: Church Seasons

Jesus said, “Have you never read what David did when he & his companions were hungry? He entered the house of God and ate the bread of the Presence, giving some to his companions too. In the same way, the sabbath was made for humanity’s sake — humanity was not made for sabbath’s sake. The… Read More

Fourth Sunday of Advent Prayer

Overwhelmed by the shadows of this world, O God Most High, we pause to remember and be centered within your power that overshadows all fears and iniquities. In your mercy, incline your heart to our prayer. Your steadfast love is established forever: without fanfare or pride, yet omnipresent and glorious. We magnify you, by whom… Read More

Thursday prayer: praying, trusting, hoping.

Dear God Today we are praying, praying with our hands: counting carol candles typing to-do lists putting crayons in containers sharing communion in hospitals and homes. Today we are praying, praying with our bodies: walking the dog packing food parcels dealing with laundry locating the Christmas star. Today we are praying, praying with our voices:… Read More

Friday Festival: Advent Thoughts

Our bloggers are delving deeply into Advent’s work.  They’re writing about the bottomless  practice of watching and waiting for God’s presence to be born into the world again. At An Unfinished Symphony, Deb Vaughn invites:  The empty chair at the fireplace edge beckoned welcomed invited me.  “Come and sit” “Come and listen” “Come and just BE” And… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Waiting for Justice

Advent is by far my favorite liturgical season. This time of quiet reflection and expectant waiting, with the multiple meanings that it carries is always a rich one for me personally. The themes of a fertile darkness where things grow and change, the eschatological hope for justice through God’s realm on earth, and all of it… Read More