meet-n-greet…virtual space, real friends

The first Thursday of the month means it’s new member day! However, today we have instead a new blog from an old member. Anne, formerly of Towanda’s Window, is now blogging at Fierce Rev Remedies. You’ll want to update your feeds and readers, and be sure not to miss any of her beautiful reflections. It… Read More

Meet-n-Greet: variety is the spice of life…

I don’t know what April has brought for you…but that whole business of “April showers bring May flowers” better be true (I say blithely, as one without many allergies), because we are having all the April showers–of snow, hail, and serious downpours of rain. And also wind, and the occasional sun. While the temperature in… Read More

Meet-n-Greet: fall colors edition

The fall colors are nearly gone here, thanks to a week of wind and rain–but there are still some gorgeous bright spots where you can see the progression of the season, even on one branch. It’s almost as if some of these trees and bushes took the fall-back hour and made it a fall-back week….they’re… Read More