The Pastoral is Political: Help Your Neighbours

The harvest of my potatoes and courgettes from my small garden provide me with the hope of an oasis in the desert. For it seems like every other grain of sand is yet another story of disappointment, denial and destruction. Where, I wonder, are the leaders who are prepared to stand up for citizens, whoever… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: “How can you live here?”

We had friends stay with us for the first time this summer. Mostly, it was a good visit. Our children are about the same ages, and get along as well as young children can. Our house is big enough that we didn’t feel squished together. We all love to cook, and to eat well –… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: All Health Matters

I have recently been working on the issue of Medicaid Expansion in my state. With a group of other faithful people, representing 8 very different denominations, we headed to Juneau to raise this issue on moral grounds with our legislators. Other groups approach them frequently with numbers and estimates that may be based outdated studies… Read More