Friday Festival: The Threads We Grasp

Much has been written this week in response to the violence in Charlottesville, VA in the U.S., commenting on the events of last weekend, and reflecting on it as a moral mirror for us all.¬† ¬†Wise bloggers have written about learning from our racist history, the racism in our own families, and the kind of… Read More

The Pastoral Is Political: On Overload

Are you on overload? I’m on overload. Just in the past week alone, listening to two men threaten one another with nuclear weapons and watching the white nationalist/supremacist/Nazi rallies in Charlottesville has given us more than our souls have bargained for. There’s too much hate happening in our world, and we see it firsthand in… Read More

Sunday Prayer: Love Supreme

O Love Supreme, our foundation and our irritation, our comfort and our chastisement: The earth quakes with the marching of racism (in every generation, new boots carry the same hatred) but we who know Love Supreme will not be shaken. The air blisters and scorches with words of hatred (old words, dusty words, dead words… Read More