Preaching on Christmas Eve 2020

Today I cut the side of my toe. I cut it in a weird way. I took a long walk to try to stretch out my aching hips, which are tight from sitting too much in a season of many things to do. In the late afternoon sun, I walked through my town and I… Read More

Christmas Eve Prayer

Like the blackbird singing before the dawn, Like the whippoorwill waiting to romance the moon, Like the newborn longing for breath as it crowns, Like the writer trusting the word to arrive, Like the waves rising to the wind’s caress, Like the fig trees casting seed for future fruit, Like the shepherds watching their flocks… Read More

Saturday Prayer – Christmas Eve Eve

  Hey God, Somewhere I heard that everything is a prayer. If that is true, can this list be my prayer today? Grocery store run. Check. Put tree up. Check. Shovel walk. Check. Hospital visits. Check. Walk dogs. Check. Sermons one, two, three. More or less check. Wrap presents. About half check. Prepare the complicated… Read More

Narrative Lectionary: Word! (John 1:1-18)

“In the beginning,” John starts out, calling us back to creation and the vision of a new creation here.  In this new creation, the Word of God is alongside God, a partner is creation, until it takes on flesh.  Like the first creation story in Genesis 1, this creation has the feeling of praise-filled poetry. … Read More

Narrative Lectionary: Born in the Night, Mary’s Child (Luke 2:1-20)

            The story of Jesus’ birth is so well known that even Saturday Night Live can parody it, assuming that their audience will know the story.  Twice-a-year church attenders, college students dragged to church while home on winter break, and our Jewish neighbors all know this story.  Is there anything left to say about it,… Read More

Christmas Greetings from RevGalBlogPals

Around the world, whether you mark the arrival of Christmas Day with bells and organ peals, guitar and lit candles, or an exhausted sigh of relief, we wish you a Merry Christmas! In churches large and small, the faithful service of pastors may seem like the unnoticed detail at this time of the year, but… Read More