The Pastoral Is Political: Do You Do The Dance?

It’s part of the game. Or the dance. Or whatever it is you call the interview process in our field. Or, I mean, the call search process in this vocation. However you want to say it, we all know it is there and we all contribute to it. Politically correct church lingo. That obnoxious stream… Read More

Ask the Matriarch: When they slam the door on the way out

Dear Matriarchs, I’ve been preaching a lot of prophets lately, and their connection to our current situation, which has caused some direct feedback from members of my congregation including shouted disagreement and a door slam while walking out in the middle of a service. How would you handle these things, and the inevitable emails that… Read More

The Perils of Pastoring “Progressives”

For those of you pastors fortunate enough to serve a congregation full of thoughtful, intelligent, “progressive” people . . . the Lord be with you. Don’t get me wrong. I love my NPR-listening, free-range eggshell-composting, “Who would Jesus bomb?” bumper sticker-sporting flock. Love them to pieces. Still, those of us with more Priuses than pickups… Read More