Friday Festival: It’s Been a Week . . .

How to respond?  Four possibilities: Every day – every single day – I wonder about church, the who what where when why and how of church. Laura Marie of Everyday Christianity suggests that we think of church as a verb. Huh. Are we bringing hope?  That’s the question Jan Edmiston asks in achurchforstarvingartists. We are… Read More

Friday Festival: Questions for the Church

Discernment is an important word for the Church across all generations and seasons: the work of sorting through (information, events, purposes, intentions, actions, etc.) with the Spirit’s help to understand God’s call and work. Reading our colleagues’ thoughts around the RevGalBlogPals’ blogging network can be an inventive & insightful method for generating questions for discernment… Read More

(Wits’ Ends Days) First Church Newsletter Exclusive: WikiLeaks Releases Pastor’s Hacked Emails

A new batch of private emails from Pastor Hannah Clement was released by WikiLeaks on October 19. You can search the email archive on the organization’s web site by key terms such as: Jesus, God, communion, theology, eschatology, and plumbing emergency. Below are some highlights of what the emails reveal about the disturbing inner workings… Read More

RevGals Anti-Racism Project: “Trouble I’ve Seen,” Week 5

You don’t normally see a lot of white people in this part of town. So of course my curiosity was piqued. The first thing I observed as I approached was that they were all wearing bright, loud, matching yellow T-shirts. They clearly didn’t want to be missed. White people were here! Drew G.I. Hart, Trouble I’ve Seen: Changing… Read More

RevGals Anti-Racism Project: “Trouble I’ve Seen,” Week 4

To break the cycle of ignorance to racism and faulty intuition, members of the dominant groups must learn to not trust their own gut, as they have been socialized outside of the life experiences of marginalized groups. Instead, they must follow our Lord, Jesus Christ, who in his own day stood in solidarity with Samaritan outcasts, vulnerable women, the… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Black Lives Matter

Okay, white family. Let me talk to you right quick… For those of you who ask “How long?” or “How many times must this happen?” I’ll tell you precisely when it will stop. It will stop when people en masse are aware of the ways in which whiteness/white supremacy have shaped the way people of… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: From Biting One’s Tongue to Using One’s Voice

Election season is upon us here in the United States, and this year seems to be a bit more contentious.  Even throughout the primary season, friends who are usually on the same political side have verbally sparred with us over which party candidate is the best.   As the general election looms on the horizon, we… Read More