Narrative Lectionary: Spread the Word (Luke 7:1-17)

This week, millions of people around the globe are contending with COVID.  Some are in hospitals on vents, and others are at home; some are desperately trying to recover, and others have mild symptoms.  To the tremendous sorrow of friends and family, some of the sick will die, as millions of people around the globe… Read More

Ask the Matriarch: Keeping Zoom Gatherings Populated

As we approach a year of living with COVID, how do we pastors evaluate the effectiveness of remote church gatherings? How do we understand attendance numbers? This pastor wants to know how to keep parishioners participating. Dear Matriarchs,  This past week, I have been contemplating many things. One thing has been the question many have… Read More

Friday Prayer

A Blessing for Those with Stress-Induced Lethargy In the muscle-tensed, frenetic exhaustion of your blank stare, May you know that you are not alone. In the numb doom-scrolling hours, May your senses be drawn to peace and joy. In the overwhelm of grief and frustration, May you be anchored in the truth of eternal love.… Read More