Saturday Prayer: Just Say No

Dear sweet baby Jesus, I am a child of the 1980’s and with that came Nancy Reagan and the first lady’s campaign of “Just Say NO” this was about the “war on drugs” of course, which caused more hard than good, but for millions of elementary school students we learned to deflect peer pressure and… Read More

Pastoral is Political: Massacring the Good People of Bowling Green

Okay, I totally wasn’t going to write about this. Really, I mean besides being kind of funny on some memes – is it really worth talking about? I mean should I give my time to she who speaks lies? Unfortunately, yes, and in this instance she’s hit home for me. As this RevGal was born… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Waiting for Love

Love came down to rescue me, love came down to set me free. Love, it’s a simple word isn’t? Just four letters, such a small word for such a big purpose. You are the incarnation of Love, sweet baby Jesus. You are God incarnate. God, who is the embodiment of love, and all things that… Read More

RCL: Papa Joe

In this week’s Revised common lectionary readings we get the story of Papa Joe. Joseph is the much overlooked person in the birth story of Christ. I often find myself wondering just how he must have felt about the whole thing. Matthew tells us that he is visited by an angel who tells him not… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Need a Little Christmas

It’s decoration day, O God. The day I pull out the red and green boxes of decorations passed down from generations. I unwrap each one with care, I admire it, and place it somewhere safe in my house. I hang twinkle lights that remind me of light in the darkness (or so I tell myself)… Read More

Saturday Prayer: Giggly Girls

For giggly girls at a slumber party. We Give Thanks To The Lord. For the innocents of young age, before boobs and boys, before objectivity. We Give Thanks To The Lord. For the opportunity to dance without judgement, where ‘girly’ can mean whatever they want. We Give Thanks To The Lord. Where no boys allowed… Read More