Sunday Prayer: Mustard Seeds

the lily’s bloomthe grazing doethe secret smile For each seed of tenderness we are grateful;for each planting of joy we give you thanks. the hazy dawnthe rolling thunderthe friendly silence For each seed of wonder we sing gratitude;for each planting of patience we give praise. the quiet streamthe held handthe deep breath For each seed… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party

Now that my congregation has shifted back to live and live-streamed Sunday, my Thursdays have gone back to being Thursday again (instead of Sunday Part 1), so my sermonizing can happen later in the week.  Except… summer and quasi-post-pandemic schedule upheaval means I’m here on Wednesday, carving out a chunk of Thursday for chasing the… Read More

Worship Words for 13 June, Ordinary 11B

There’s something about Ordinary Time this year, isn’t there? Last year it was Ordinary Time during incredibly Extraordinary times. This year we’re somewhere between extraordinary and ordinary, where actually the ordinary that we long for is also anxiety-producing when we experience it, particularly since it comes alongside the strange. Which makes liturgy written for “normal”… Read More

Tuesday Prayer

Gracious Onebe with those whoseek you this day Those who bleedin bodymindor spirit Those who cryfrom depthsheartsoul longs Gracious Onebe with those whodo not know You The lost orspirit blinddeafto your love Gracious Onewho love us asmotherfathersisterbrotherfriend Startle us beckon, guidepushawaken us Gentle Onegift uslovenot earned, free Gracious Onebe with usbe with usbe with usbe.Amen. The… Read More

RCL: Seeds

One of the most amazing experiences of my life was to sit in the Garden of Gethsemane with trees that were over 2,000 years old. It was mind boggling to think that some to these trees were the very same trees that Jesus sat by to pray and the disciples sat near to sleep. I… Read More