Saturday Prayer, July 30, 2022

God, this prayer is only my selfie,object of so much humorand undeniable visible truthand not the picture photoshoppedor the portrait skillfully painted, carved. Just me, here now,this day, these anxieties, these loves. Thank you for receiving it,without carefully shaped intercessions,for so many who need grace,expressions of gratitude,that most of the time I feel,regret for the… Read More

Tuesday Prayer

According to her brother, the singing never stopped in the house that she founded. Sister of Naucratius and Gregory of Nyssa, she chose to leave behind wealth and status, abandoning everything to move to an ancestral home near a river, where her haven of fervent women learned the scriptures, and to sing, and to heal… Read More

Saturday Prayer, July 16, 2022

God, I come to sunrise from newsof a newly seen nebulathat is a birthplace of stars,a phone message wanting my opinionon the politics of my troubled nation,worry about a friend’s health,the bowed-head yellowof yesterday’s grocery store sunflower,and regret for hasty, unkind words. I come to this sunrise,the one sentby my friend across the world,with her… Read More

Saturday Prayer, July 2, 2022

I was watching some children prepare their bicycles and tricycles to be part of a 4th of July parade and because I love all things bicycle, this rolled out. Thanks …God, for wheels bringing usinto creation’s beauty,we give thanks.For leaving a small carbon wheel-tread,we give thanks.For places in the world where bikesare favored transportationand give… Read More

Tuesday Prayer – Solstice

God of the summer evenings and winter mornings- As the solstice fills our skies with more moonglow or more sunlight,May we remember the beauty of this day. May the light from your celestial bodies remind us of the light within our souls.May the rapidly-flowing year remind us of the scarcity of time. May this new… Read More

Monday Prayer: a Lament, for Many Reasons

A Lament, for Many Reasons Bittersweet prayers, Lord! Thinking of my dad, gone for 42 years. Thinking of cancer, and how it robs so many Of such love, caring, and companionship. Bittersweet prayers, dear Jesus! Thinking of dying patients and loving families, Thinking of hospice and good-byes and grief. Bittersweet prayers, sweet Spirit! Thinking of… Read More