RCL: Faithfulness

This week’s texts look a lot at what it means to be faithful. Mark 10:17-31 wrestles with is it enough to follow all of the commandments. The man who questions Jesus seems so confident: “I have done all of these things since I was a boy.” I can picture this person, for whom these choices… Read More

Narrative Lectionary: Let’s Eat! (Exodus 16:1-18)

Manna looks like a simple fix for a simple complaint.  Still, as always, God is up to something bigger.  It looks like food, and it’s really the taste of freedom.  These COVID days have sparked a lot of conversation about technical vs. adaptive change in the church.  We often fail to recognize adaptive challenges, which… Read More

Friday prayer: in the thinness

Thin. (Well, maybe the extreme of thin. Gaunt. Barely existent.) That’s how I’d describe my patience with science-deniers my emotional margin my file of innovative ideas my energy stores my hope that one day Covid will be in the rearview mirror my trust in the intentions of those with the most power to do good… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: Whoever You Are

Preachers, how are you bringing the Word to your congregations this week? So many of the readings reflect questions of identity. In the Narrative Lectionary, God says, “I AM WHO I AM” (Exodus 3:14). The Revised Common Lectionary names Job, Christ’s brothers and sisters, as well as women and children – the “least of these.”… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Making Friends with Uncertainty

We’re now nineteen months into a worldwide pandemic. In my town in the United States, infections of the Delta variant are beginning to wane, although deaths are on the rise. The hospitals are still operating, there are still a few available beds in the ICUs, schools are open, and for now, will still be wearing… Read More