Friday Prayer: Ashes Again

I saw the wildfires, Lord. The flames licking at houses, scorching trees. The stuff of homes and families and memories… GONE. I am undone. The raging power of the flames scared me, their passion was so all-consuming. but unlike the fires, You are not capricious. You are not destructive. I searched my heart… In the… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: I Am Racist

Dear white sisters, brothers, siblings: I have a very difficult confession to make. I am racist. I wish so much that I wasn’t. I try so hard not to be. But I am. I think this is such a difficult confession to make because we often think people who are racist are “bad” and are… Read More

Friday Prayer

Holy one, you know me entirely my love for words blogposts and poems Facebook comments and tweets. Even in faceless communication I find you often. For online are your beloved children who open my eyes my ears, my heart to ideas, thoughts, experiences beyond my own life. Yet sometimes my enthusiasm – well-intentioned, sincere! –… Read More

Saturday Prayer – Confession

Dear Heart, We confess that we are bored with our confessions. Forgive, we pray, the half-truths, the trifling hurts, our obstinate triviality.   Dear Heart, We confess that we falter in our confessions. Forgive, we pray, the supercilious modesty, the stuttering mutter, our obstinate hesitancy.   Dear Heart, We confess that we are exhausted by… Read More